WrestleMania Orton and Mysterio tweet funny Cena pic from Axxess

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  1. :dawg:
  2. That's awesome! I would buy that shirt in a heartbeat :lol1:
  3. :lol1: Great stuff, I agree.
  4. Orton and Mysterio tweet anti-Cena message

    HAH! :lol1: This is pretty funny. Probably just a rib from Orton and Mysterio to John though and not some legit heat.

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  5. Orton and Mysterio tweet anti-Cena message

    They could use this as part of a storyline were Cena to turn heel. Also that's a pretty damn neat image of Cena they did.
  6. Orton and Mysterio tweet anti-Cena message

    OMG TEH UNIVERSE TURNING ON CENA HEEL TURN ! Yeah Orton and Cena are practically jerking eachother off they're that close so it'll be a rib.
  7. Orton and Mysterio tweet anti-Cena message

    According to my calculations this was posted first
    http://www.wweforums.net/thread-22977.html :otunga:
  8. RE: Orton and Mysterio tweet anti-Cena message

    It was indeed. @Stopspot trying to steal my thunder :willis:
  9. RE: Orton and Mysterio tweet anti-Cena message

    Reminds me of a signature on another forum, with Rock rock bottoming Cena and a large caption reads "Rise Above Cena."
  10. Merged into one thread since opinions were posted in both.
  11. Hahahahahhahaahahahahahahahahaahhahahahah
  12. That was quality work whoever put in the time.
  13. That is interesting, maybe a anti Cena fan showed it to Orton or something. Either way, I wanna see Cena's reaction to it, might have given him a chuckle or just annoyed him slightly.
  14. I'd buy that T-Shirt and make The Rock wears it proudly
  15. Hahaha amazing.
  16. Lol that was quite good.
  17. It's a real shirt, http://heelbook.spreadshirt.com/

    as seen in Funny Wrestling Pictures
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  18. @"The Cole Train"

  19. Could get done for copyright on that :mad2:

    Want this one!
  20. That's awesome, I wanna get the Jesse Bitch one as well, Breaking Bad shirts look so cool.
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