Orton asks Sheamus what his line is

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Rysenberg, Apr 10, 2013.

  1. How the hell can you forget a 30 second long promo?
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  2. Should have just stuck to, "Hi, my name. Is Randy Orton."
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  3. Hahaha oh Orton. He's so unmotivated atm, it's hilarious. He just doesn't give a shit. :obama:
  4. I like how he makes it as obvious as possible, at least get in Sheamus face like you're pissed/yelling at him. Lol
  5. CM Punk > Randy Orton
  6. Lol he really doesn't dig this face stuff. He still cuts a better promo than fella.
  7. Yeah exactly! He doesn't seem invested in the storyline at all otherwise he would have gotten in Sheamus' face somehow or done something to compensate for not remembering his line. He just doesn't care about this at all lol.
  8. Handled it like pro's tbh.

    Orton indeed doesn't give a fuck no more.

    Heel turn soon, please.
  9. The story line is rubbish, he knows it, the crowd knows it, heck everyone knows it.

    Orton is better than this.
  10. Yeah this was terrible, it's why everyone started chanting random things because the promo was bad and so was the match
  11. That segment + match took up 30 minutes on a Raw I gave 8 stars out of 10

    brb changing my rating
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  12. One of Orton's best promos.
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  14. Pretty funny indeed, the guy doesn't care anymore haha.
  15. Was 30 minutes of hilarious chants though.
  16. Terrible, just terrible :facepalm1:
  17. Probably the first time I went :eww: :facepalm: and :lol1: all at the same time.
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