News Orton "Berates" Fans

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  1. Randy Orton Berates Raw Fans During Airport Incident

    Never been on a flight longer than 3 hours so don't know what it is like but I do know what it is like to be tired so yh what do they expect.
  2. Long Haul flights aren't great. I can get why he'd be pissed, but it's not like he's new to being recognised.
  3. Sorry I have just been staring at your Sig.
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  4. I get that there's instances where people just simply want to be left alone. But orton is a public figure. That's what he signed up for. Now if fans are being assholes and yelling and mocking him or others, then I get the frustration. However, he makes his living from these fans that he treated like shit.

    Never forget the people that gave you all that you have. Without the fans, he has nothing.
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  5. Dude is a human being. 11 straight days, long flight, this kind of bullshit will happen. Remember people, it isn't what you say, it's how you say it.
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  6. Had this been the Orton of old he would probably have shat in someone's bag straight off the bagage line out of principle alone.

    But I can fully understand a person being on a short fuse after a very long flight and eleven straight days on the road. The life of a wrestler is a hard one.
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  7. Not gonna judge him, it's understandable.
  8. Fans need to be more considerate, bothering anyone right after they get off a flight is disrespectful.. It shouldn't matter if they're a wrestler or someone you're a fan of. Let them get on with their lives, they're busy people.

    Not sure what Orton said but it's good one talent told them exactly how rude they were being.
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  10. Completely understandable reaction on his part. Some folks forget that celebrities are only human and sometimes want to just be left to their own devices, especially someone like Orton who had just endured a long and rigorous tour/trip to, through, and back from Europe.
  11. You jinxed it. UFC 187 -- Phil Brooks vs Randy Orton
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  12. They're still human. Hell, I get annoyed when people talk to me when I'm tired.
    Also WWE gave him all he has, not the fans. lol
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  13. I hate it when people talk to me, Who said anything about being tired?
  15. Should have RKOed him
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  16. it would be irritating to get off a plane and be surrounded or harassed by fans who just want an autograph, but at the same token he knows that it comes with the job. You're going to meet obsessive, intruding fans who are just going to annoy the living shit out of you.
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  17. Yes human as we all are. But I mean he knows this is what happens with his job. No need to flip shit.

    Lol wwe wouldn't be in existence without the fans. Thus, the fans gave orton what he has. Geesh lol.
  18. I love how the article keeps saying he "berated" fans but presents zero evidence that it ever happened besides maybe some hearsay.

    Shitty article.
  19. Typical asshole Orton. You can not sign autographs for people without making an ass of yourself (assuming it is true)
  20. Well i've been home for 3 days on this Shingles antibiotics with my left arm and head in the worst pain, and when my family comes home I just want them to fuck off. So yeah Orton, I feel you.
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