Orton comments on suspension (funny interview tbh)

Discussion in 'SmackDown' started by Crayo, Jun 7, 2012.

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    I mark for heel Randy so hard.
  2. Haha I love randy on the mic and in the ring. He is a perfect wrestler. Just needs a championship really.
  3. It's official. There isn't one non-senile non-retarded person in this world that likes Face Randy for any reason beyond sex appeal or just being a sheep.
  4. Xanth liked face Orton actually. I did at first as it was different, but then he bored me.

    But I'm glad Orton doesn't like his face role.
  5. Orton does not need to be face. He gets support even when he is heel.
  6. Orton when he started this face run, especially when he went to RKO Cena got pushed off then just hit Swagger was decent. It was the whole I don't care who you are I'll get you deal but now he's too morally correct, like when he showed remorse whilst building up to punt Christian. His mannerisms are still excellent but he needs something to work with.
  7. This.

    Though I'm not sure who he can attack to turn heel. Punk?
  8. He needs to move back to Raw, he isn't a face you build a brand around. Having him lay out Punk could be good however don't turn him heel just give him some freedom to blur the lines abit. Attack faces attack heels attack everyone and get cheered for it.
  9. Can't wait to see him back. He should move to Raw and feud with Lesnar, Cena, Triple H, Ace, Punk and Bryan. All in the same time. Randy Orton is the best, easily IMO...
  10. Hes not a good face imo, id have him come back and attack a face Ziggler, to finally push him to ME or at least upper midcard
  11. IMO to play that role you need that charisma spark that Austin had. If Orton was to stay as a face something would need something different. His current monotone voice doesn't help his mic work.

    I'd love to see him feud with Vince again.
  12. Orton is the best mic worker and talker in the company, by far. Unparalleled, IMO.
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  13. :bored:
  14. i'd mark if he came back with the Legend Killer gimmick
  15. Orton is OK, but he's stale.
  16. Hopefully the two months off will help change that for at least some fans. I will mark if he comes out and does actual damage...but if he comes out and first thing he does is grab the mic, that will buzzkill quickly.
  17. Amen. More people actuallys supported face Orton.

    Me tooooooooooooooooo!


    I agree! But he's more fitting as a heel....
  18. I hope he grows his hair as long as it used to be for his return!

    I wish he would have his old firework entrance but elboreto hell please no has it =.= butchering his name.. like a boss!
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  19. Heel Randy would be awesome
  20. Tbh, I'm a fan of bald Randy.
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