Orton injured?

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  1. Rumours starting to circulate round the internet that Orton was injured on RAW. If so how will this affect the WWE WM plans? Will this be Bryans big break?
  2. If Orton was injured, then I'd imagine Cena either will or won't get the title, probably not because this is too much of an amazing opportunity for Bryan to get his chance if Orton actually is hurt.
  3. Hmm whenever these things come up it makes me want to rewatch the match to see where exactly he got hurt out, I think I'm going to do so now.
    I don't think it's too severe, I can't recall anything being too damaging from that match last night.
  4. I hope he is hurt. Not because I hate Orton per say, but because I'd love to see hell Batista face DB.
  5. From what I've managed to find its possibly his shoulder again.
  6. If it's a torn shoulder labrum, then jesus he's gone for 6 months.
  7. as long as it's not too serious, I assume WWE will let him not wrestle on some Raw's and Smackdown's to heal up a little bit. Let him fight and win the chamber. then continueto mania.
  8. He must have finally looked in the mirror :pipebomb:
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  9. How rude. He is the thighs face of the company
  10. I don't root for injuries, but I would fucking mark if that boring prick was off my tv for an extended amount of time.
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  11. I hope he's hurt. Really, I don't really the guy personally, but his current self is awful. Why does WWE push this awfully boring version of Orton as the Unified Champ? I got into a depression when watching his match with Cena last night, good grief, this dude is awful. If an injury is the only way to get rid of him, so be it! I'm down.
  12. I couldn't bring myself to watch the match. I just scanned through it to see if the crowd buried it, and was disappointed that they didn't.
  13. Yeah, those were my feelings. I just sat through it because I was watching it with someone else, but good grief. As you said, the only thing that would save the match was that classic burial but we only got very sparse "boring" chants. It's one of those things that makes me wonder why I still watch pro wrestling, because damn it. Orton can't wrestle a good match to save his life these days and his promos suck. It makes me so mad that this dude is being pushed the way he is, ugh.
  14. There isnt any reason to believe it's serious. The match v. Cesaro is still scheduled for SD tapings tonight, I guess we'll have to see what the results are when they come out later.
  15. Am I the only one who forgets sometimes that Orton is even the champion? Lol, Bryan is always the center of the talk these, and Punk now. Roman gets a hella lot of attention, along with the whole Shield break up thing.
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  16. It wont effect anything, because Orton cant get any worse.
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  17. Reference Dolph'sZiggler calling Orton a boring prick. I agree on some level. Orton's been really stale since his feud with Bryan. At least in my opinion. The reaction Orton gave after he ddt Cena from the top rope was comical, hilarious, priceless, you name it. All this talk of how boring he is and the reaction of the fans during his matches are getting under his skin. But what he said after that ddt was freaking great.

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  18. How nice of you.
  19. Urgh, double post.
  20. I seen that right after he was pinned he rolled out of the ring. The refs ran over there while Cena was in the ring celebrating, and you could see refs and trainers tending to Orton. I'm gonna have to rewatch it later to double check. If he is injured I think they will just go with either Brock/Batista or Cena/Batista
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