Orton made me proud at the Rumble

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Idiot #1, Jan 30, 2014.

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  1. by dealing with the fans, did you see how he performed by carrying Cena in a way Punk or Rock could not, it was a display of excellence from the best wrestler WWE has seen in 10 years.

    fans need to relaise that he is a great worker and excellent on the mic, I smile smugly in knowing he is not getting the blame for anything, as I know the great HHH knows that Orton is the best.
  2. I think both men held their ground but the match was extremely dull and disappointing. there was only one good hightlight in that entire match.
  3. I like Orton and even I thought that match sucked.
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  4. I stopped reading at excellent on the mic.
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  5. You like em long, don't you? :ksi:
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  6. lol, S = stupid
  7. Damn these acronyms! :annoyed:
  8. I can't stop watching your sig. :shock:
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  9. You're welcome :sandow:
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    Eh I made it up so someone would ask, lol. You made the logical conclusion first. +1
  11. [​IMG]
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  12. the match sucked. Orton sucks. proud of the crowd for burying the stale bullshit
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  13. Quoted your own post!
  14. :facepalm: D'oh

    EDIT: Fixed
  15. Also I thought the S meant small.
  16. How did the match suck? Orton carried Cena again.

    There is a reason they never blame Orton for anything
  17. I figured people would think that
  18. The match sucked because it was two uninteresting wrestlers, doing stuff we've seen them do for years now over a title that at the moment no one really cares about. I mean if it wasn't so predictable that he was retaining to fight Batista it might have been somewhat good, but then the outcomes were Cena V Batista or Cena V Lesnar. Which sounds equally as unappealing.
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  19. They were both at fault, creative were at fault too.
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