Orton Not Taking Time Off

Discussion in 'SmackDown' started by Dat Kid, Jan 19, 2013.

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  1. Even so, as of late Orton has looked different in the ring. Not sure if that's due to an upcoming heel turn or something else
  2. If he's really in line for a top heel push and is likely going into Mania challenging for the title then I don't see him taking time off any time soon. He's likely gonna have the Rumble, cause I don't see them giving it to Sheamus again and the match they're apparently pushing for is him against Sheamus at Mania for the title.
  3. Don't even care anymore. He takes time off so often that I never really know whether he's active or not, considering that when he's active he's never doing anything anyway.
  4. Dolph'sZiggler must be the happiest guy on this planet today.
  5. He won't have any title runs... He is already on strike 2
  6. I had a feeling he wasn't taking time off. I didn't understand, why they would have a brand new commericial, singling him out as the reason to watch smackdown, and then he leaves.
  7. Just turn the guy Heel ffs.
  8. I feel like we'll be well into 2016 and Orton will not have turned, will have taken off time every month as usual, will be over and will be mostly squashing random heels lol.
  9. I thought he was leaving this whole time. After seeing him lose to Wade on Raw, clean and fair... Maybe he will do a big heel turn.
    I sure hope so.
  10. He's in a feud with The Shield. Until this feud is over, he's not turning heel. He and Sheamus will probably develop a rivalry through teaming with each other and Ryback and taking on the Shield at the Rumble or on Raw (likely the latter) and costing themselves the match. And then they can turn Orton heel and build to a match at Mania, but I honestly don't see them in the world title match, at least not one on one. What about Del Rio, Big Show, Dolph Ziggler, etc. Maybe there'll be a six pack challenge or something.
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