Summerslam Orton not working Summerslam

Discussion in 'PPV's & Specials' started by Stopspot, Aug 9, 2012.

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  1. Only logical that they wouldn't plan anything for him since he was suspended up until recently.

  2. such a shame :maybe:
  3. :no:

    And he's not even going here. :(( :cry::upset::sad:
  4. He will interfere in the WHC match and turn heel (costing Sheamful).
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  5. So they had him return and kill the momentum of both heel #1 contenders just to not appear on the card? Yeah, that makes a lot of sense.

    Crayo and his wishful thinking... Sure you're bookmarking that one.

  6. :yay:
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  7. MEH!

    Randy who?
  8. Sucks but it's reasonable!
  9. He doesn't deserve to be there. He just got off of a violation, why should he be able to go into the PPV so recently. It's bad enough he gets to be in the Main Event now, they REALLY enforce their policy. :finger:
  10. lmao

    oh how the mighty have fallen

    he deserves it
  11. Im not overally keen on Orton's personal character and despite being a little bland out of the ring and on the mic, I do find that generally speaking he has the ability to pull off 7+ out of 10 matches more often than not, quite a mean little feat when you compare to most of the roster.
  12. Maybe compared to some of the main roster but they have a ton of talented guys. If the main roster would consist of Bryan, Ziggler, Orton, Ryder, Punk, Kidd, Hawkins, Reks, Ryback, Sandow, Swagger, Rollins, Ambrose, Dallas and Wyatt they would have 7+ matches every match.

    I respect your opinion but saying that WWE's roster lacks talent compared to previous years is wrong. They just make a conscious decision to not push the truly talented guys or at least not all of them.
  13. WWE not putting out good matches has nothing to do with the talent they use. Raw last week had a ton of great matchups on paper but they are just played out because we've seen them all and every match follows the same script.

    The same thing would happen with the guys you've listed as would happen to the current roster. We had to great wrestlers. Just like nobody batted an eye for ADR vs Christian, the 10th time we got a match up between any of the guys you listed the same thing would happen.
  14. :haha:

    Well, I don't really mind it. He works great matches these days, but he just returned and there wouldn't be a nice match for him with decent build so OK.
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