Orton or Bryan - who will be heel?

Discussion in 'SmackDown' started by Stopspot, Jun 17, 2013.

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  1. Daniel Bryan

  2. Randy Orton

  3. Neither

  1. Judging by comment fields on dirt sheets and WF. Most people seem to think that Daniel Bryan is going to turn heel and be fed to Cena down the road. Is this an opinion that you guys agree on? Or do you see Orton turning instead?

    Out of those two. Which one is more likely to turn heel after Payback?
  2. After having watched the match in full I can cast my vote on Orton. It seems obvious he is the one turning. Bryan collided with him outside but that was as clear a mistake as can be. Orton showed Bryan in front of the spear though and was looking pissed as he left Bryan lying at ringside after the bell.

    My vote goes to Orton turning.
  3. I'm leaning toward orton, but could see neither.
  4. I'm strongly leaning toward Orton. I missed most of Payback, but that just seems to be a somewhat obvious choice with how things have been going and after Raw last night. I can't really explain my reasoning any more than that, with me just feeling Orton would be the one to turn heel, if either of them do. I also wouldn't put it past WWE at all to tease a heel turn, then have neither turn.
  5. Oh Come on....We have been reading reports and rumors about a "soon to come" Orton heel turn for the last 1 or 2 years or so, it just seems they will never him. :okay:
  6. Neither of them are going to turn heel, to be honest.
  7. Daniel Bryan. Has the look for it
  8. Orton will be the one changing I think, especially after Daniel Bryan switched back to his YES gimmick.
  9. Orton is due for a heel turn and it would honestly be dumb if they turned Bryan heel
  10. He went back to yes? Sry I don't have cable so I didn't know. I have WWE App but it's so long to load. Orton probably heel then.
  11. On Smackdown I noticed him wearing his old YES shirt and for the past couple of weeks he has been chanting YES instead of NO.
  12. i would prefer if orton went heel as in the past i loved him being heel
  13. It's taking WWE way to long to turn Orton heel, he' so much entertaining when he's allowed to use his punt kick and his gimmick is perfectly suited for that
  14. If anyone is going heel it's going to be Orton. I can't see Bryan being heel right now tbh
  15. I want to say neither, but this is WWE we're talking about so definitely Bryan
  16. Guessing at neither one, as they both still get big crowd pops as well (dunno why in Ortons case), so as it stands they would have to do something pretty big to turn them heel and get the crowd against them anyway, lets face it the last time Orton used the punt he got a big pop as well, so i can't see the logic in turning either of them

    So since it's the WWE that would mean both are turning :haha:
  17. ^That's the issue. wtf could you do to turn Orton? If he RKOs DB out of nowhere, that is just expected. If he gets more violent, that's what the crowd wants.

    Maybe give him more promo time and the crowd will turn on him. My name......


    is Randy Orton.
  18. Neither personally as dont think the fans would care and both would get pops and cheers imo if they were heels. Plus they shook hands on RAW as a sign of mutual respect so doesnt seem likely for either.
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