Backlash Orton OUT!!!!

Discussion in 'PPV's & Specials' started by Thunderlips, Sep 11, 2016.

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  1. Orton has been pulled from backlash as he is still nursing an injury
  2. Source?
  3. WWE LOL
    Kane announced to face Wyatt
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  4. I mean a link to where you saw it >.<

    It's kind of important to post a link to where you get your information. It's like citing a source for a school project. Shows your information is legit.
  5. Corbin v Breeze also added to card
  6. It's all over the Internet
  7. If they honestly have Kane replace Orton then Smackdown is officially the B show for life
  8. If pulling Orton from Backlash was a precaution, then why did Wyatt have to job anyway? To freakin' Kane, no less. In 2016.

    Sink it in, maaaaan.
  9. It really wasn't the job to Kane that mattered, but the fact that he only jobbed to Kane because of Orton's interference. I think it was actually a good idea and gives a little bit more heat to this feud... heat that I think it definitely needed.
  10. Meh, I would've preferred if Rastafarian Brother Bray defeated Kane.

    It'd show Bray means business and then post-match, when Bray's about to break Kane's ankle, too, Orton's music hits and bam... RKO.

    But, I guess it's too much to ask since Bray was going to lose to Orton anyway. So, fuck it, I guess.
  11. But that doesn't really make sense. Bray takes Orton out of the match so Orton can't wrestle in the match. And then he not only wins the match via forfeit, but he makes the referee exercise a ten count before ringing the bell. So technically Randy Orton lost that match because Bray attacked him.

    So with those circumstances, you think it would have made more sense for Orton to let Bray beat Kane and then save Kane from a post match beating? Why would Orton do that? We have no indication he cares about Kane in any way. The only thing Orton cares about is that Bray took him out of the match and caused Orton to lose the match via forfeit. The correct response to that would be to cost Bray a match the same way he cost Orton a match, which is what happened.
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  12. I get why it happened, I'm just not a fan of it.

    Bray's done for. I guess I should simply accept that.
  13. I guess I just don't see it that way. He doesn't seem done for in my viewpoint. Personally other than Orton's Bray-esque promo the other day, this feud has seemed kinda pointless to me. This puts some interest into it.

    I doubt Bray is done for at all. He's been surviving for a few years now despite an unflattering win-loss record. But Bray's character really isn't about winning the match as much as it is playing psychological mind games on his opponents. He may have lost to Kane, but he defeated Randy Orton. That was an official match. And he was the one who took Orton out in order to cost him the match, not the Wyatt Family. I guess I just fail to see how this in any way makes him look bad.
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