Orton Punt

Discussion in 'PPV's & Specials' started by Jonathan, Nov 19, 2012.

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  1. Is a tease for him turning heel. He only uses it when he turns heel.

    Watch. :pity1:
  2. Please make this true!!!

  3. It was a re-used spot from an earlier Dolph vs Randy match. Nothing more I think at the time. Meltzers word doesn't mean that Orton is turning heel.
  4. Look at the times Orton has been heel, he uses the punt.

    Just watch and you can thank me later.

    Gonna link this in my sig so I remember when I'm right :smug:
  5. The punt is a banned move. I don't think they will un bann it just to make one guy heel.

    Also I have watched Orton as a heel. I still call BS since they apparently want to feud Orton with Ziggler later on
  6. I never said he was going to use it. It was a tease.
  7. I think Orton is going to turn heel, since it looks like Ziggler will be feuding with Cena and not Orton.

  8. Idk. But I do remember him flipping off the crowd and cursing at a camera man. I like THAT Orton :obama:
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  10. Heel Orton > than all other Ortons
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