Orton reportedly needing time off soon

Discussion in 'SmackDown' started by Stopspot, Jan 14, 2013.

  1. Second child on the way? Family illness? divorce? Who knows. All I know is that if it is long term WWE are gonna be forced to create more main eventers.

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  2. Good news IMO. His face needs a rest. Seen too much of him over the years. Also, gives some other guys a shot.
  3. I felt like this was finally the time to turn Orton heel. He could fued with Del Rio up until mania. Oh well, I hope everything is okay with him.
  4. Maybe they'll move up Cesaro to feud with ADR? That'd lead to some great matches.
  5. Maybe but Cesaro needs to drop the title at the next ppv if that were the case. Well, shoot. The way smackdown has been going lately, it could be tonight lol
  6. They could do a champion vs champion for the title. Like Hogan/Warrior @ WM.
  7. That would be PERFECT, pun intended, because it's a great idea. Unfortunately, we are giving the WWE writers too much credit. That'll never happen :sad:
  8. :okay: You're right.
  9. I do like the idea though. Especially if Orton can't go for an extended time.
  10. He has a boy as well doesn't he? Not with Samantha though.
    Anyways, Dolph's must be happy. lol
  11. inb4 Dave Meltzer

    Come back as a heel please.
  12. Come back as a jobber please.
  13. So, that means Sheamus is free for Wrestlemania.
    Which means Sheamus vs Mid Carder Squash for WM 29.
  14. It feels like Orton spends most of the year out of action than wrestling, lol. Still, let's hope he can solve his issues, although I won't bring my hopes up for a comeback in any different way than interrupting someone and winning a match with an RKO out of nowhere or something.
  15. 17 seconds?
  16. Sheamus plucks the IC title off of Barrett in 17 seconds. Then goes for a singles run with the tag titles to complete the grand slam.
  17. No. 3 seconds.

    Ugh. I would love to see Barrett kick his ass at WM. As much as I like Sheamus, his booking is horrible.
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