Orton returning a heel?

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  1. I'm not sure how many days left he has on his suspension (I'm sure one of you can tell me), but Orton has tweeted numerous times that he wants to return as a heel. This is his latest:


    Now I know he has some haters and some fans here, but I'd mark for heel Orton. One of the best heels in recent history.

    What do you think?
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  2. His gimmick fits him better as a heel and he plays the bad guy role very well, I'd like it. But he's extremely over, I'm not sure that'll happen.
  3. I hate him either way but he is absolutely cringe worthy as a face.
  5. He'd be a credible heel, which would give them a short term option, but I'd rather they built another up.
  6. Tbh I think it'd still work if he's still really over. He can just act as a heel/tweener. IIRC Austin wasn't always the super face who kicked annoying heel's ass. He used to confront over faces all the time and never change. That's what people loved. The "I don't give a fuck who you are" kind of attitude.
  7. Shouldn't this thread be in the SD section anyway? Nigga ain't no Raw supastaw
  8. I get fucking lost on who's where now'adays. Moving it now.

  9. Who's the best Jr Mod on wweforums.net?

    this guy
  10. But how would he turn exactly?
  11. DZ for mod, that man would provide an organized future.
  12. Doesn't need to turn. Just have him cheapshot some over face like Punk. I'm sure it's not hard to come up with a storyline for him.
  13. I suppose that could work.
  14. He was never the babyface, it's just he was so good as a tweener that the fans cheered him anyways. Also, WWE reportedly said that IF WWE takes Orton back, he will only be a mid-carder, which I just cannot see that happening..
  15. Orton hasn't been a tweener since late 2010 bro, he's the same as Punk now.
  16. His actions and behaviors say otherwise.

    Punk even said it himself on RAW. He said the only thing that has changed about him is... uhh, something.. Can't remember what exactly D:
  17. Doing the splits and attacking bad guys, yeah he's such a tweener. Punk has changed lol, do you honestly believe it's the same character that said fuck you guys I'm leaving with your belt?
  18. It would be easy for Orton to turn.

    Come out cut a promo, out comes Sheamus. Brutal beatdown of Sheamus.

    Status: Heel turn successful.
  19. As a face Orton isn't interesting at all. His monotone doesn't go with someone who's good, the "viper" gimmick doesn't go well, and a lot of his moves were just the same. As a heel he was entertaining, and it goes well with that voice since he can sound diabolical, and it's perfect for the viper gimmick. He can just sneak up on faces, RKO them, then beat them up brutally. He should only be a heel, or GTFO of WWE.
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  20. But I also prefer heel Orton. 'Face' Orton if you could even call if that got boring pretty quick, if he returns remaining face he needs to be put in a fresh, quality feud sharpish...

    I would be in favour of turning Dolph face (which I think is now due) and having an Orton/Dolph feud. I think that could be one of the feud's of the year, like Orton/Christian last year.
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