Orton Returns!!!

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  1. I know this is true, because I just watched it on SmackDown, however, I can't find it on youtube, so I just used a different website for my source.

    Source: http://www.prowrestlingscoops.com/wwe/wwe-news/ortons-wwe-return-beth-phoenix-update-more/

    At one of the house shows, Wade Barret and Orton wull be in a street fight.

    Other than the Houseshow, Orton won't be on T.V. until this coming Friday night, 2 nights before the Royal Rumble.


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  2. Card is subject to change remember, but if he is returning before the rumble then I guess he's not winning it?
  3. I'm hoping they'll keep him off for 3 more days untill the rumble. I'm actually hoping that Orton will get number 20-25. I guarentee he'd still win.
  4. Actually Orton is supposed to be announced to be in the rumble on RAW this monday.
  5. Nooo, that will completely ruin his chances of winning the Royal Rumble match, if he wins the rumble match on RAW, @[Jonathan].
  6. I don't want Orton to win the Rumble again... I would much prefer someone new to win; this is a big chance for the WWE to build a new main eventer out of the likes of Cody Rhodes, Wade Barrett or Dolph Ziggler. Having Orton win the rumble would just be a big waste.
  7. @[RKO] Orton will get #14. [​IMG]
  8. Sort of agree with you to be honest. Jericho has never won the Rumble, it'd be good for him to get one. Rhodes is IC champion so I doubt he'll be getting the main event spot at mania'. I'd love Barrett to get the win, he seriously is amazing and under-appreciated by WWE officials.

    Oh no you didn't!
  9. That just means I get to see him in the ring longer, and take out more people @[Tzesi].

    Win win for me! :emoji_heart:
  10. 14 is unlucky rumble number though :emoji_slight_frown:
  11. What, why is that @[Crayo]?

    If this is true, oh well.. With the Apex Predator, you will learn to expect the unexpected :emoji_stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
  12. Ofcourse Orton is going to win the rumble. Its in his home town and would give WWE a great push
  13. http://wweforums.net/showthread.php?tid=371 That thread is all about it.
  14. Hey, I like you already. :emoji_slight_smile:
  15. As JR said though, people read way into home-town scenarios. If he's returning before the Rumble, I can't see him winning. I just think if he returns that night it'd be a let down if he didn't win, if he returns beforehand and continues a feud for a night then that feud continues in the actual rumble match then it doesn't make him look as bad.
  16. Orton is my hometown hero every week... Right on my television screen :smartass: :emoji_wink: