Orton/Rhodes deserve better

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Delbusto2, Apr 30, 2013.

  1. After seeing their match on RAW, I don't understand what is going on with these two guys. They shouldn't be thrown in random matches, nor should they be wrestling the likes of Brodus Clay and Tensai. As said in another thread, these two should be in the WHC scene along with Ziggler. Both are great in the ring, and Orton somehow remains over as hell despite not doing a damn thing for I don't know how long.

    Best match of the night in my opinion, especially considering it had zero build and seemed like it was put together to just fill time. The reversal into the Cross Rhodes and also the mid air RKO were awesome. I don't think the loss hurt Rhodes at all either, he came off looking just as good as Orton.
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  2. Liking the post, because Orton is hated so much in the IWC right now, and nobody seems to appreciate how damn good he is in the ring. I missed the match live because I thought it'd be terrible and boring, but ended up loving it towards the end from what I saw of it.

    Nice edit too, yet again.
  3. Nice video dude.

    The problem with orton is not his ring skills. He just need to turn, become this sadistic guy. Then all love with come back.
    The problem with Rhodes. It's the WWE
  4. Completely agree with you. I am curious about who is deciding on who is gonna get pushed. Probably a monkey, donkey or 5 year old.
  5. The problem with Orton is he's still signed to WWE.
    Rhodes is someone who needs a push though. I think he can be a good face, and should be in matches with Ziggler. I catch it unfair how they've been treating him, with wrestling with Tensai/Clay, being thrown into the tag team division, and feuding with Sin Cara, they've been wasting him, and the sad part of it all, in all those feuds, Cody was the one looking good. Cara couldn't speak, and botched his matches. Big Show was horrible, but Cody played the whole "you didn't get your Wrestlemania moment" awesomely. And I'll admit Rhode Scholars, both Damien and Cody are great together, but Rhodes needs to be on his own in the WHC scene, and Damien needs to be a midcard champion. A tag team title reign just isn't good enough for these two, they deserve much much more.
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