Orton Turning Heel / Ziggler Turning Face

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Lockard 23, Sep 3, 2012.

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  1. Quick idea off the top of my head - Orton feuds with Sheamus after he successfully retains against Del Rio at NOC. Orton turns heel in the feud and by the end of it, Orton wins the WHC. He keeps it until Wrestlemania. Before then, Ziggler turns face. I happen to think he is a better heel, but he is already getting cheers and dumping Vicke could probably easily make him a complete face. Leading up to Wrestlemania, Ziggler challenges Orton at Wrestlemania and says he prepares to he cash in MITB there, and so he does - defeating Orton one-on-one for the belt.

    Either way, I think it would be fitting for Ziggler to win the belt at WM, or at least walk out as champion, even if he walks in as champ in some way, and whp else for him to fight other than Orton? Sheamus? Del Rio? Fighting a new main eventer wouldn't work.
  2. Umm, Orton going heel? No chance. He has a movie coming up, it'll be a hard time on PRs if this happens.
  3. I like double turns, but I don't think Ziggler should turn face for now. It'd destroy his character which he plays very nicely.
  4. I'm same. Think it's too early for Dolph to turn face. Give it a few years once he is established as main-eventer and it will happen naturally as he's so charismatic; for now though let him play his epic Showoff gimmick.
  5. I'd rather see ADR face tbh, that way he doesn't have to touch the mic as much.
  6. Orton is about to film for months. I hope he returns as a heel though.
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  7. Everyone could hope.
  8. Ziggler still does not have... lets say charisma :urm: for being Face. But hey thats just my humble opinion. Orton as a heel? I like the idea.
  9. Ziggler does not have lets say charisma?

    lmfao. The dude wakes up in the morning and shits charisma. If you want to talk about a lack of charisma, that's why Orton is in this discussion
  10. I would love nothing more for Orton to turn heel, but I don't think it's happening that way or at all. They don't have a lot of main faces on the Smackdown roster if you think about it. All they've got is Orton and Lameass. What I see happening is Sheamus losing to Del Rio at NOC. Del Rio will have a quick world title reign and will feud with Sheamus once again. Sheamus will injure him in some capacity and Ziggler will cash in before mania. Ziggler turns face because of the cash in on Del Rio. Sheamus will want a match, but Orton will come back from filming 12 rounds, but as a heel. He'll feud with Sheamus while Del Rio is the one who gets a rematch. From there I don't know what will happen cause that's leading into mania. However I do know that Ziggler & Ryder are promoting some sort of match at mania for the internet championship. I don't know if that'll actually happen, but if Ziggler loses the title before mania because Triple H wants to super push Sheamus yet again then I could see that as Ziggler's mania match.
  11. In MY humble opinion. As I already stated. He is to me like soup without salt lol. If you know what I mean. I simply dont care about him. Unlike, Cena for example. Even though I think that WWE is pushing Cena way too much, to the point of annoyance, but he still got reaction. The good or the bad one. Not matter.

    Also, why take this too sirious? We are talking about f****** WWE, not rocket science.Especially to take someones opinion too sirious, knowing that opinions are like an a$$, everyone has one lol.:urm:
  12. I think it's hard to discuss charisma with Dolph with the way he's been booked. We'll know more when he gets consistent mic time, match time and actual importance in storylines. At the moment he has such limited opportunities to show his charisma, but if you look at his mic work with Foley and Jericho, you can see he has it (in my opinion). They're the best promos he's cut so far.
  13. I agree, Ziggler is one hell of an athlete, but he's not the best on the mic. I like when he does the ask the heel stuff, but every time I see him on Raw he does a basic heel promo, nothing really stands out. Ziggler is in my top 3 fav superstars so I'm not no DZ hater.
  14. [yt]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iQ0FGYMgTN0[/yt]

    One of the promos of the year.
  15. I stand corrected I forgotten about that promo. Maybe because he's not on the mic so much
  16. What part of my post made you think I was taking anything serious? I can't disagree with your opinion without it meaning I'm taking it too serious?
  17. Yeah, Ziggler never gets mic time. Which is wrong.
  18. Charisma is a lot more than just mic skills. Just look at Ziggler in his entrance or in a match. The guy oozes charisma. DZ could be eating breakfast and you would want to watch him because he draws you in. That's charisma
  19. Indeed, mic skills don't equal charisma. Mic skills are your speaking abilities, period. Charisma involves many more aspects, your naturality, facial expressions, body language, the way you carry yourself, being good in front of a crowd, etc. etc.
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  20. You have a very good point. It seems like he havent got the real opportunity to show his true colors, thats what I agree with. But still, he doesnt vibe to me as a real thing, dunno how to say it. He is just another average Joe. I do not see him as a future real Superstar.


    Yep, you nailed it. Nothing stands out about him. Also, just to clarify, I am not Ziggler's hater as well.


    You are taking my words out of context now. Just, your reaction to my post was a bit of overwhelming. At least to me :smug:


    Exactly. And thats why he does nothing (sp) for me.
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