Orton v Cena

Discussion in 'PPV's & Specials' started by Brad., Jan 3, 2014.

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  1. Cena won't be taking another clean loss months before WrestleMania, however I think Orton will be the champion heading into the PPV. Lesnar/Heyman interference makes sense because they're facing the winner. How do you see it playing out?

    Btw, good job WWE on making this a singles match, which is much easier to watch than some I Quit/Last man standing bullshit.
  2. Didn't Steph make a "big" match with "no disqualifications, no countouts, pinfall and submission only?" Sounds like it'll be hard for them to BS their way out of this one unless Orton has someone run in.

    lol, love how "This match can only be won with a pin" is now a big stipulation match. :russo:
  3. Depends on what plans they have for Cena heading into Wrestlemania, really. If he really is facing off with Wyatt or teaming with Hogan to face off against the entire family (the second one being my own prediction), then they could come in and cost him the match at the Rumble as a way of getting that feud off and going. The logic could be that while Cena feuds with Orton leading up to the PPV, maybe he has this side thing happening as well where he tries to snap Bryan back to his senses and get him to leave the Wyatt Family and thus ruffles their feathers in the process (especially if Cena actually IS the reason Bryan turns on them before the PPV.) This leads to their interference in the title match at the Rumble.

    If Cena fights Triple H at Mania, then he will personally cost him the match somehow. Either way, look forward to Orton walking out as champion unless they do decide to go with Cena/Lesnar for Mania, in which case Cena will win the title (kind of stupid after taking a clean loss in the unification match at TLC but whatever.)
  4. There's no way Bryan v Bray doesn't happen at mania now imo, and I'd rather see Jinder Mahal in the main-event than Hogan returning to the ring so fuck that.

    Hunter has no problem with Cena challenging Orton for the face of the company as it's also best for business, so he wouldn't do that. Anyway I'm 100% sure Punk is beating Hunter at WM to end the authority storyline.
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  5. I hope Orton beats Cena for Lesnar can fuck that dude up. I don't really see Cena walking out as champion though, but I also don't see him losing cleanly against Orton. Most likely some interference of course :pity: . The champion already has his feuds set up, Lesnar then going up against the Royal Rumble winner, so either Orton or Cena would need someone to fight after the Pay-Per-View, and I see Cena being the guy who'll be feuding with others. Not sure who exactly they have set up for Cena, but it's whatever to me.
  6. I wouldn't be surprised to see this feud wrapped up by the time Wrestlemania comes around. I'm expecting it, actually. It reminds me of JBK/HBK from 2009, where their feud has been brewing for a few months well into Wrestlemania season (which I consider being the start of the year leading to the Rumble) and it's looking like it's gonna culminate in a match between them at Wrestlemania, but then they go and do the blow-off match in February and head into separate programs during the build to WM. I'm sensing the same thing here. Bryan/Wyatt will probably have a match at Elimination Chamber (with Bryan going over) and then they'll head into different directions for Mania.
  7. This is just embarrassingly bad. I preferred the Xavier Woods v Brodus Clay feud. I bet this match will be terrible. Cena wins via DQ imo.
  8. Hehe, that's not a very interesting feud either.. But yeah I agree with the overall conclusion that the match will be terrible (not being a fan of either of the 2 competitors may have something to do with that).
  9. Orton vs Cena is not only a boring piece of shit feud, but the matches suck and we could be having so much more right now. I want for Cena to win honestly, but I hate Blandy Boreton - but then again I'd like to see Orton get his ass kicked against Lesnar at EC.
  10. Imo, it's not really about match quality here. They have fine matches and Cena's been killing it in the ring ever since he's come back. It's just impossible to care. Impossible. Not because they've had a million matches before but because they've been on top for so long and fans are finally getting behind new guys. Think whatever you want about Cena, we know he's stale, and Randy Orton is completely miscast and useless in this role. Then you have the ultimate smark question of "who should win?" and it's not time for Cena to tie Flair (he's at 15 now, isn't he?) but Orton has to lose the belt before the 'Mania build can really start... Actually, both of these guys will surely be in the Chamber anyway, so why does this match even matter?

    Isn't this No-DQ?
  11. It's not No-DQ. My problem is that this match has had no build up except for Orton attacking Cena's dad. It's not the main focus and I don't know why. You would think that a match for the Undisputed Championship would be focused upon a bit more.
  12. Didn't see it at wwe.com, but didn't check much since I hate the layout of that site lol. Thought Steph brought it up when she announced the match that it "can only end on a pinfall or submissiion". That's what it says on Wikipedia and not sure if there's a better place to check.

    Yeah, man. I'm not sure if the build's been that bad or not for kids and other casuals. The attacking of the father thing worked well in 2008 imo, this was just lame
  13. Do you think they will make something of the driver that took Orton away on Monday's RAW? Doubt it, but they could use it for a dirty finish and for someone to return.
  14. I'm rooting for Cena but Orton should retain
  15. Good idea. Have heard Braddox thrown around for that, but really that's the perfect role for Sheamus' return.
  16. I can't muster up a single fuck for that match. Keep forgetting its happening, actually.
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