Orton vs Bryan on SD

Discussion in 'SmackDown' started by Rysenberg, Aug 17, 2012.

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  1. Doubt many of you will have seen it, but basically at the end Bryan locks Orton in the lebell lock in the middle of the ring and he looks like he's away to tap, before Kane's music hits distracting Bryan and Orton eventually hits the RKO to win. I know, it's stupid that Randy gets the win but I thought it was awesome as it made D-Bry look strong as hell. Good match as well.
  2. I'll look out for it, If I watch Smackdown tonight.
  3. This was my thoughts when I read the spoiler too. This time last year he would have jobbed cleanly.
  4. You should, it was a decent edition. Main event was little disappointing, I'll review it in a sec.

    Most certainly. Even 4-5 months ago he probably would've done.
  5. I also found that very nice, making Bryan look strong is always good. I hope he beats Kane.
  6. Yeah, true he may look strong but you know they are going to continue his trend of misfourtunes, and he will lose to Kane. I still think AJ will continue to shit on him for awhile sadly.
  7. Just watched on YouTube, I thought it was a good match also. I agree with you about making Bryan look strong.
  8. Think they could have used someone else though, but yeah he looked pretty good. It's the only thing I expect from them, just to make him look good, but almost never win since it's been a while that he actually won a match. :downer:
  9. i like the way the match ended
  10. Rainman is a big fan of the ending too. I hope this shows some of the haters of this storyline that WWE does indeed have faith in Bryan.
  11. I just don't want to see Kane bury Bryan.
  12. Won't be a burial. Need to separate losing and burials. DB will tell you himself, losing to Kane in a match involving a massive celebrity, resulting in Bryans face everywhere on TV and magazines is a huge rub. Similarly to how Sandow interrupting the first segment in RAW 1000, cutting a good promo and then getting his ass wooped by DX was a rub, not a burial.
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  13. I know the difference. But I'm not sure Sheen will be there. I mean, if Kane loses cleanly to Kane for no reason it's pretty much a burial, if Charlie interferes and such he may lose but it's not bad, as it's extra publicity as you said.
  14. Yeah I'm not sure on Sheen's involvement myself. I read a report that WWE officials expect him to be there but aren't sure why he's not being advertised. If he's not there then I'll be pretty pissed off if DB loses, especially since Kane loves putting new guys over and has done it so many times.
  15. That's my problem with it.
  16. I have a feeling that DBD will lose on Sunday. If Sheen is there and somehow affects the outcome, that's all to the good. If Sheen's not there, I have a feeling AJ costs him and makes him lose. Either it's a big storyline moment with a celebrity or it's a big continuation of the storyline moment with AJ (figuratively) screwing the Dragon.

    Either way, it keeps him relevant even though he loses.

    Of course, they could :russo: me and have DBD actually overcome those odds and beat Kane. I just don't think it's time for that yet and it would actually make for piss-poor storytelling..

  17. Meh, the latter with AJ could actually happen but I'd fucking hate that.
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