Orton vs. Bryan

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  1. Who is everyone picking to win here? I like Orton with an RKO off the top of the cell.
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  2. Bryan for all the right reasons.

    Also I don't think a sane person would do a RKO off the cell. That's just asking to break most bones in your body.
  3. My Russo senses are tingling on this one... think it'll be another victory for @WWEVacant
  4. Thats just asking to die really.
  5. I'm expecting a dramatic finish, with a Bryan win.
  6. I'm getting the feeling that HBK might super kick Bryan and help Orton to win. Shawn Michaels has a horrible record of calling a match as a referee without there being some sort of controversy involved (Summerslam 1997, an episode of Smackdown in 1999, New Year's Revolution 2005, Wrestlemania 28... Judgment Day 2000 being the only slight exception) and the talk of the dirt sheets is that Orton is supposed to remain in the WWE Title picture until January of next year. Assuming that last part is true, having Michaels turn on Bryan and cost him the title is as feasible way as any to get Orton the win without killing the cell gimmick by having someone (i.e The Shield) break in with bolt cutters (or even worse, have them hiding underneath the ring already when the cell is put down.)

    Just picture Bryan charging towards Orton at full speed with the running knee, only to walk right into Sweet Chin Music.
  7. Orton will win RKOing Bryan. Chaurs will be used.
  8. Bryan will win the title, but HBK will definitely be involved. WWE know they're in trouble after the non-finishes at NoC and BG. It ends at HIAC imo
  9. I don't want this to happen, but, HBK will most likely turn heel and join "The Authority".
  10. Heel HBK would be something. Sure, Backlund would've been much better but still. I'm in doubt on this one.
  11. I think HBK will turn heel.... No matter who wins after that
  12. Randy Orton should win and will win at Hell in the Cell.
  13. Daniel. After Vince said that he doesn't like how Heels have all of the titles. I think Daniel is walking out with this one or Big Show is knocking out HBK.

    Also, Orton had a hard time doing an RKO off the apron to The Miz on Smackdown a while back. What makes you think he'll do it off the fucking cell? LOL

  14. Off the cell, through the announce table which is on fire. BAH GAWD!!
  15. I have a feeling it'll be Bryan winning the belt. I can see Shawn getting involved in defending Bryan after the match from the Shield or even having a confrontation with HHH. I don't think it makes sense for HBK to turn heel and join the Authority (I guess this is better than "The New Corporation", although it does give things a True Blood kind or air). I have learned, however, a couple of things about the current writing staff:

    1) they're not bad at telling a story, and
    2) they do know how to keep us guessing.

    So, whatever happens and whoever wins the title at HIAC (if anybody actually does this month), I'll be interested to see how it plays into the storylines coming out of HIAC.

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  16. I think it's going to be a great ending to what I deem a pretty great feud. The only part that I didn't like was when they inserted Brie into the fold, but that aside it's been a great ride for me as a fan. You know why I got mad when Bryan didn't win? Because they did something I didn't want to happen. They actually pissed me off, which hasn't really happened in awhile for me. This match win/lose Bryan has cemented himself as a legit maineventer IMO. That's all I think his fans want from him. Also, Heel orton? That's what we've been wanting for over a year. We basically got everything we wanted ( Outside of brie)
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  17. I get this. There have been times in my life watching WWE/WCW/whatever when I've gotten pissed at a match result, promo, etc., because they didn't make sense. And while I didn't like (I actually like the mixing of reality with fantasy by bringing Brie into the feud, but that's just me) the Orton cash-in because of its predictability, I did like the unpredictability of HHH turning heel on us and the way they've told the story since.

    Also, a huge second on Bryan cementing his position and being happy about us having a heel Orton again.

    Basically, I'm a happy guy right now because I'm just enjoying (most of) the storytelling. :happy:

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  18. You're right about the cross over appeal of brie and bryan. That is a cool way to think of it, and my only issue was her horrid acting in the training room. That was me basically nitpicking.
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  19. My bet is that Orton tries to intimidate HBK into helping him play some BS on Bryan (shield in or some other case, etc) as i can see someone getting into the cell to help Orton win - that will be the person who eats sweet chin music, even if that means HHH.

    Bryan is going to win, but it's going to look like the man who trained him and clearly hates Orton played favorites, and while DB will be allowed to keep the belt, there will be an asterisk on his reign until he faces orton ONE MORE FUCKING TIME, which wont be next month, but the following month after. My bet is an Iron man match or something close.
  20. I think that HBK will screw Bryan to form a heel DX with HHH
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