Orton vs. Lesnar

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by edge4ever, Oct 21, 2014.

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  1. Hey All,

    I know it seemingly obvious that Orton will be the next in line to face Brock at Survivor Series; however, do you feel that Orton is the proper choice at this point in time? Will his face turn be worth it and actually be interesting? I must say that I really enjoyed him RKOing Paul Heyman and having him step in the ring with Brock, well, it might be interesting. Of course, I expect Brock to win....but, Brock hasn't fought anyone like Orton recently. Lately, he's faced Big Show, Taker, and now Cena. Orton is tall, quick, limber, yet somewhat powerful. Having Brock get hit with like 3 RKO's would be fun to see.

    If Orton's face character is done properly, he could be very fun to watch over the next 6 months or so. He can be a face somewhat like Cena....likeable and pleases the crowd...but yet, he's a little more vicious (semi 2009 orton). For example, when Cena went to hit Heyman with an AA. He backed down because of his "code:" hustle, loyalty, respect. Randy Orton can be similar, but if he's pushed....he'll just RKO you....onto a table....off the top rope....a punt to the head...you name it.

    Do you want to see Randy vs. Brock? If not, please explain why and who you think should fit Lesnar, etc.
  2. For me, Orton vs Lesnar is a must-see. Because I'm a fan of these two. I loved Heyman getting RKO'd by Orton, to be honest, as much as I love Heyman and yeah, Heyman sold it like a boss!

    At this point in time, Orton's the right choice to go against The Beast. I'd rather see Orton or Cena go at it with Lesnar, than Show or Henry. It'd be cool to see The Viper vs The Beast!

    So, after turning face on Rollins in a very near future, he'll say 'FUCK YOU' to The Authority, go on to face Lesnar, lose and get 'hurt' to get written off TV and then take some time off... Which is something he's been wanting for a while now. That's how I think it's gonna go.
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  3. sounds like that's what'll happen. I would love to see face Orton vs. Rollins. Lesnar could injure him in their match by attacking him afterwards or something.
  4. Dude, it's bound to happen. All we have to do is wait and see. If they decide not to go that route, then fuck it.

    Yeah, there'll probably be Kimura Lock involved to write Orton off TV. We'll see, though.
  5. Orton with a broken arm.....leaves for a while..comes back at rumble.....almost wins....top 4 superstars.
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  6. Orton will win, he's a man's man while Lesnar is a Jeff Hardy Clothes Wearing freak!
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  7. Seems like a plausible scenario...
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  8. :jeritroll:
  9. lol orton beating brock is never going to happen as of now.
  10. Don't doubt it, Brock is going to go beast mode heel on him after Orton RKOs and pins his ass.
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  11. Lesnar losing before WrestleMania would be like having an undeveloped fetus delivered
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  12. I see Lesnar losing the title at WM31, not a PPV before that...

    But, is he gonna get RKO'd if/when he faces Orton? OH HELL YEAH.
  13. I want to see Lesnar get Randy up for the F5, only for it to be reversed into an RKO.

    Of course, Lesnar needs to win, so he can drop the title to either Bryan, Reigns or Cesaro.
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  14. That'd be an awesome 'outta nowhere' RKO. I think there'll be a couple of RKOs and F-5s if/when the match happens. I don't think The Viper would go down after just one F-5.
    If the things are gonna go down as I've imagined they would, then... Orton's gonna put up a good fight and eventually piss Lesnar off, in order for Brock to break his arm or whatever, to write Orton off TV.

    I'd love it if Bryan dethroned The Beast, it would make his storyline come full circle. But, if they decide to go with Reigns, like they'd been planning to before he got hurt, then fuck it.
  15. yup, orton wont win by any means...Cena has and will be the only to really push him beyond his limit....unless they let DB fight him earlier than Mania 31 than he might push him as well....but, Brock loses the belt at Mania 31 for sure.
  16. Of course, it's just a matter of to whom he drops it to.
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  17. Ortons arm getting broken makes sense. I see it taking 2 F5's in order for him to lose. Orton will nail about 3 RKO's in total....and come super close to pinning him.....only to get his arm broken, regardless.
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  18. Yup.

    If he's indeed taking time off, like the rumors have been saying, then yeah... Lesnar will most likely take part in writing Orton off TV.
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  19. Or both Lesnar and Rollins. We'll see, though.
  20. I want a tough heel that doesn't whine a cry version of Orton to face Lesnar.

    Give me a 20 minute match that goes about 50-50 on offense, with Lesnar getting a clean win with an F-5.
    I like both guys ring work and would like to see a high caliber one off at a big pay per view.
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