Orton vs Reigns Discussion

Discussion in 'PPV's & Specials' started by Trip in the Head, Aug 5, 2014.

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  1. I made this thread to say that I may try to get my wife to watch this match. She thinks both Orton and Reigns are good looking so I thought I could convince her to watch. I find it funny that is what I have to stoop to to get her to watch, but between Reigns and Total Divas exposing her to some stuff, she is getting mildly interested in the 'E.

    But I digress and ask - What do you guys think of this match up? Will it be a good match or a borefest? Who do you think will win? Etc, Etc, Etc..........
  2. I am expecting it to be totally boring- I don't think Reigns move set is good enough and it doesn't ever keep me entertained. I'm not a fan of Orton, I think he has the potential to put on great matches but just doesn't bother.
  3. You have to challenge Orton, he is too good to be fed shite.

    Orton should go over clean, he needs rebuilding. I am sure he can carry Reigns to a great match, if it is worth his time
  4. Roman Reigns needs to keep the S punch and side drop kick and all that has rare crowd poping moves like Ceasro Swing.
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  5. Both guys are pretty boring in the ring, so I can't imagine it being any good.
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  6. Besides the Superman punch, the spear and side drop kick does he actually do anything else? I've genuinely forgotten what his matches are like.
  7. Samoan drops, a lot of those. And those small corner clotheslines.
  8. So not really.
  9. :nope:So the match will most likely rely on Orton's offense, great.
  10. too crtical lads

    orton will carry it if he deems it worthy

  11. A few of the FCW moves he doesn't do anymore... and no more triple power bomb.. it's now mostly clotheslines, Samoan drops, and his 2 finishers.

    Just shows how WWE limits their moves when they move up.. in order to cater to the dumbed down audience.
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  12. If he deems worthy? Wtf, its his fucking job to deem it worthy and put the best match he can, it's basic professionalism.

    Anyway, as for the match, I think it could go either way, really, both of them have a hit or miss kind of style, but if I'm to take recent matches into account, future doesn't seem so bright. Let's just hope they have some untapped chemistry and put at least an above-average in-ring action.
  13. Orton is smart and jaded

    Like the smartest in society he needs stimulating, if he deems that match worthy, he will put on a show.

    If not, he will coast

    Simple as that, its WWE's fault if he coasts for not stimulating him
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  14. A triple power bomb is taxing on the body. Jericho could do it, but he was never being banked to be face of the company.
    They want Reigns to show his strength, but even Cena's five moves of doom has wrecked havoc on his back.
  15. Well, the build has had at least one good segment with Orton actually getting off his butt and doing a good beatdown with those announce table RKOs, if it keeps going well I could not die of boredom watching the segments, so that's a good thing. Don't expect anything from the match, but seeing Reigns get a win will be alright I guess.
  16. I like Reigns, but there hasn't been much substance to this feud. Unless they do a lot in two weeks, I'm not sure it will be all that entertaining.
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  17. blame the booking

    Orton can carry a feud with his eyes closed, if they give him a chance, at the end of the day
  18. We know from Orton's past work that he can put on great matches when he really wants to, but whether he feels compelled to or not here is to be seen. Since this match is just Orton doing a basic job for someone as a way to further build up Reigns for Triple H next month, I can't see him being bothered to put a whole lot of effort. I'm expecting an ordinary 10-12 minute match with Reigns going over and nothing else. Expect a lot of chin locks and other rest holds, as per your usual Orton affair.
  19. Likely won't be a great match but since Reigns has a rocket strapped to his arse Orton is someone he has to face.
    Can see him taking a beat down then Supermanning up for a victory.
  20. wwe are outting their lemons in a vice by not stimulating Orton

    He could draw them Austin money if they let him loose properly
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