Orton wants Gold

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  2. Sure he can be part of the title picture, have him job to Ziggler :yay:
  3. He should go for the IC title and elevate that shit.
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  4. Well, at least he has a goal in mind. He seemed to just not give a shit at all for the past year or so.
  5. Orton: I need gold around my waist!

    WWE: Okay everybody we need you to write 6 months of people jobbing to Orton!

    Creative Team: Sure thing!
  6. Also, I agree with Seabs. I'm not even sure who's holding the IC title atm? Barrett? lol. Goes to show how much the title means nowadays.

  7. Yep Wade is dominating the scene with a ballroom stripper and the commentator on Main Event.

  8. Wise...very wise, he's had his runs at a face, time to make Ziggler creditable as a Champion.
  9. Are WWE going to take the risk?? I know how much Ziggler's concussion hurt them, imagine if Orton was to get suspended/released while being in a WHC feud or as World Champion.

  10. Hurt them? They went from not giving a fuck about him to not giving a fuck about him.
  11. Sheamus & Orton for tag team champs
  12. Barrett and Orton should have continued their feud when Barret returned from his arm injury.

  13. Remember when WB took Orton out by throwing him down stairs.. and when Orton finally returned they wound up having a big blow off match....

    ... on SD? That's how little WWE thinks of WB. They didn't even let him job to Orton on a PPV.
  14. He jobbed to him at TLC didn't he too? Dat RKO outta nowhere so often it's been registered as somewhere.
  15. Not sure why WWE hates Barrett and Ziggler. Both guys are much better than most of the roster.
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  16. Maybe in some other feud but I'm talking about this:

    This led to a Falls Count Anywhere match on December 30 episode of Smackdown, in which Barrett pushed Orton down a flight of stairs,[189] resulting in a herniated disc, which sidelined Orton for four weeks.[190] On January 27, 2012 edition of SmackDown, he returned to the ring and attacked Barrett. On the February 3 edition of SmackDown, Orton defeated Barrett in a No Disqualification match to end the feud.[191]
  17. Ziggler being selfmade to an extent probably annoys them, Wade must have done something horrible though. He's their dream guy.

  18. I think it was the year before actually now.
  19. On a scale of 1-10, how awful would it be to turn Orton heel and restart the never-ending Cena/Orton feud??
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  20. You mean like the never-ending Punk/Cena feud?
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