Orton wants to be a heel?

Discussion in 'SmackDown' started by Senhor Perfect, Mar 7, 2013.

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  1. Good news if true, never thought he'd ask for it though.
  2. He's been asking for it for ages hasn't he?
  3. First time I've heard of it.
  4. After 'Mania? Well guess that's better, watching him turn on the barely-face Big Show and apathy-inducing Sheamus hardly screams "BOO THIS MAN"

    Would love to fantasy-book an Orton heel turn, but what's the point?
  5. He has been asking for that since october I think LOL
    Anyway , wouldnt be cool If he turns heel at WM . RKO outta nowhere to sheamus , spear to show and ambrose /reigns /rollins pins Show .

    By this ..I dont mean that orton is the leader ... he just drives crazy . No relation wit the shield
  6. Sheamus vs Orton finally.
  7. Happy to know plans are in place to have him turn heel in the near future -- hopefully not too long after WM.
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  8. Sure, why not. He never does anything as a face anyway. But they have to book this well, since his turn could flop if he keeps getting cheered.
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  9. What could they do to make him get heat though? Not many people are more over than him as a face outside of Rock and he's tied up filming Hercules, Sheamus isn't as over, him feuding with Cena will make people love him, Brock's a heel and a part timer and Punk is a heel also, he does he draw heat against?
  10. It would be nice to see Orton undergo a character change. He does pretty well as a Heel so I'm excited to see how the WWE makes the transition.
  11. Would he go back to shitting in women's purses?
  12. He has been requesting it for a long time, great news though.

    Heel Orton >>>>> Face Orton
  13. I personally don't see much of a way he could draw heat, no matter who he RKO's he gets cheered and everyone seems to love him xD.
  14. Great if it's true, I love the heel Randy, watching him going around being good with people makes me feel sick
  15. I prefer Heel orton.
  16. Randy Orton been begging complaing and whining for this heel turn for quite a while now. I will absolutely love to see him go back to his roots as a heel persona. Let's hope it is going to be the same as it was in the past...
  17. Orton turning heel at WM . RKO to sheamus . The shield pins Show .
    ER Orton vs Sheamus
  18. I'm not surprised.
  19. Yeah, he's been wanting to be heel for a while now.
    I even remember him flipping off the crowd, and cussing at a cameraman (live) last year :dawg: :obama:
  20. Easy for him to draw heat borrow from Mick Foleys anti ECW and wrestling promos. Make him the opposite of what the fans want to drive them mad. Just an idea. No RKO for awhile until fans are ravenous.
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