Orton with CM Punk's old theme

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  1. Was watching old tapes and came across this, anyone remember Orton with this theme?
  2. I remember this have been! how dare he! he only had it for 1 week and this was the week he had. then he when back to light are burn bright.
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    Yeah. Apparently he hated his theme and wanted something less pussified, so he got this track... but then they ended up giving this theme to Punk. :dawg: :pipebomb:

    Talks about it here.

    I like THIS Orton :obama:
  4. Lol this fire burns?
  5. It's "Burn in My Light", dumbass.

    IMO love Burn In My Light better than Voices.
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  6. I came across this last year. It just didn't suit him, though..
  7. it a good think b/c it suit cm punk just fine 1 year later when he make his debut! can't even think a what cm punk have had if he did not get this theme song!
  8. It seemed to suit him perfectly but for Orton, a guy who's just straight up cocky, he needed something like Burn In My Light, although how bad the song was (But is very catchy.).

    (I realized that your grammar is fixable. :cole:)
  9. you are such a mark, it's laughable. OH HELL NO CM PUNKS THEME! OH, ORTON HAD IT FIRST? IT SUIT PUNK BETTER! :pipebomb:

    I like voices, honestly. Ortons beard is as bad as cm punks.
  10. yeah orton looks ugly in beard:tough:
  11. I dig the beard, it's manly. Better than his clean cut babyface look.
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  12. I think it was one night only. I personally preferred when Punk copied Jeff Hardy's style on SmackDown!


  13. Ummmm....."Cult of Personality" by Living Colour?

    How about "Miseria Cantare" by AFI?

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