Oscar director said that the Olympic spirit is dead "recession culprit

Discussion in 'Sports' started by smarty, Mar 22, 2013.

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  1. The opening ceremony of last year's London Olympics Danny Boyle (director of the opening ceremony) won warm applause. In two weeks, the British Olympic whipped up a storm, but the Oscar-winning director had to admit that good feeling of being recession. According to the British "Sun", March 22, Danny Boyle expressed dissatisfaction he thinks is the UK's economic recession led to the Olympic spirit "killed".

    Danny Boyle said: "The Olympic spirit lives on is impossible thing. Usually, we just temporarily stimulate, that unity is strength, over time after the tent and now is the economic winter is not a very easy thing to find a country's cohesion depends largely on whether the people of this country you can not expect the Olympic spirit lives. "

    Olympic Games to the world to show that we are a great country and our body has a self-criticism of the noble quality, but sometimes we have to know that we are a modern country progress and I think we in Britain should be more proud and proud. "he said.

    Although the Olympics is a global event, but Danny Boyle of yourself only as a duty or are not satisfied. He told The Sun, "said:" There is one thing I am very clear that it is the slow process of other international Olympic opening ceremony. Despite the spectacular opening ceremony, but the time consumed too long so I decided to accelerate the pace of the London Olympics like action movie performances. "

    In preparation for the Olympic celebration, however, not all things are easy. The time Danny Boyle flew to New York, trying to convince his idol David Bowie singing a song at the opening ceremony, the unfortunate result failed.


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