Oscar From Men on a Mission Says Cena is Not a Star.

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by TheTNHMaster, Nov 6, 2013.

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  1. To rea-naw fuck it no one cares what Oscar has to say.

    All I have to say is...lol.
  2. I agree with his last sentence though. If it were the late 80s and Hogan wasn't on the show, I'd be seriously pissed off. Same can't be said for Cena.
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  3. I agree with him on that as well. Everything else he said...
  4. I agree with the last sentence, granted wrestling was much more of a big deal than it is now. I mean all the superstars he mentioned came from an era where a huge chunk still believed wrestling was real.
  5. I have no idea who this guy is, but... He has a few valid points.

    Probably way off base here but think the business is just perceived differently among casuals than it was in the 80's. It's more scripted sports, less entertainment, which is why stuff like pushing Cena the way Hogan was pushed isn't as effective (although he's clearly right about not being as big a draw of a Hogan or a Warrior, even nowadays you can see that "it factor" from those guys that you just don't get with Cena)

    Piece of advice for this guy: Make your good point BEFORE saying dumb shit like "If they put John Cena into the Hall of Fame tomorrow, people would be talking about all of the people who deserves it more than he does."
  6. It isn't exactly news that Cena isn't as big as Hulk Hogan. No one really is. Only Steve Austin and The Rock are his equals when you compare peaks.

    He's right that when Cena isn't on the show, it doesn't really leave the same detrimental effect that it did several years ago with the top stars from back then. However, I'm still willing to bet that all those kids in the audience who you see wearing Cena shirts and head gear and whatnot every week are pretty sad and disappointed when Cena isn't on the show.

    He is also talking shit when he says that Cena won't be remembered in thirty years. Oh yeah, he certainly will be. Wrestling isn't as popular as it once was, but WWE still has a large global fan base worldwide and Cena is the biggest star of this generation. He's headlined countless Wrestlemanias that are among the most bought Manias ever, he's done media appearances, he's granted more wishes than anyone who's participated in the Make-A-Wish foundation and he's replaced Fred Flintstone on the front of the Fruity Pebbles cereal box. He isn't exactly a nobody.
  7. Cena's not as big as Hogan but he isn't as irrelevant as this guy says he is.
  8. Cena likes to think he's as big/if not bigger than Hogan :hogan: >:angry:
  9. Hoff>Hogan>Cena
  10. No wrestler is bigger than the Hulkster, brother.
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  11. Hoff and The B > Hogan > Cena
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