Oscar Pistorius Kills His Girlfriend

Discussion in 'Sports' started by Jonathan, Feb 14, 2013.

  1. Oscar Pistorious was today arrested after shooting his girlfriend dead, allegedgly mistaking her for an intruder. She was shot 4 times. He's been charged with murder.

  2. Heard this on the radio on the way to work. What the fuck is wrong with people? :facepalm:
  3. Damn, another anti-gun deal is going to come from this. Such a sad set of events, and she was beautiful. What a waste.
  4. I doubt it, considering it's based in South Africa.
  5. It was just a shit job at sarcasm. My bad.
  6. Oh right, now I feel slightly retarded :upset::upset::upset:
  7. Don't, it's just another reason the piss yellow highlighter would help. When you fail at sarcasm, at least we can see you tried. :lol1:

    So pumped for EC.
  8. Tink Tink killed a woman? I call him tink tink because that's how he sounded when he ran. Tink....tink...tink...tink

    Anways, what a tragedy. I pray for the family of that woman.
  9. WHO!?
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