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Discussion in 'RAW' started by Jose Tortilla, May 15, 2012.

  1. We've had the opening this week with HHH talking for some time. Not everybody was pleased with it.

    So, I was thinking about how RAW could've started aswell.

    They could have started with Heyman coming out and doing his word to adress the WWE universe, then HHH would come out as the angry man he can be, and grabbing Heyman's face like he did yesterday, then getting a lawsuit and tell Heyman that Lesnar will get what he deserves.

    Could've saved 10/15 minutes..

    You're welcome.. :mj:
  2. [​IMG]
  3. Saving time during a HHH promo is the easiest thing to do. He repeats himself, he's slow talking, eh goes round in circles, the guy can't cut good promos any more. He takes up 20 minutes and the crowd literally didn't give one single shit about him.
  4. So my solution was pretty good, right? :otunga:
  5. It was! They could have saved at least 30 if not 40 minutes AND improved the show considerably by doing this, and cutting down on the Big Show/John Cena talking segments. They just went on. And on. And on. And on. Couldn't Daniel Bryan cut a promo or something?
  6. Or just more matches with younger superstars.. Would work for me.
  7. If we are going to start cutting out the useless shit from last night we would probably wind up cutting out everything. Nothing that happened was meaningful, entertaining, or worthwhile.
  8. Miz, Ziggler & Swagger vs. Kofi, Truth & Brodus was watchable..
  9. Watchable, but completely useless. A 400 pound guy squashing one of the biggest talents on the roster, despite being green as hell, while throwing in two random tag teams who have a match at the PPV, because "that's how you build."

  10. I'm so fucking done with that same old shit.. New feuds, new matches, make it happen.. Really hyped to see Hunico and Camacho on SD, really like these guys..
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  11. Tbh, the WHC match is the most exciting match for me, only because Orton MIGHT turn heel. That match has had build though, it's worth a watch. I expect such a low PPV buy count.
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  12. You better be right.. :silva:
  13. My only issue with that match is that Jericho and Del Rio shouldn't even be involved. They are complete afterthoughts and it's all about Sheamus/Orton, so why not just have them in a singles match.

    Funny how they completely ignore the fact that ADR gets assfucked kayfabe wise. he goes from the #1 contender to being stuck in a fatal 4 way.. and why? Because of some BS tag match that didn't mean anything resulting in a lame ass backstage brawl? Such shitty build for everything, I really just can't stomach it anymore.
  14. I'm looking forward to seeing the buyrate for this PPV more than the PPV itself. Nice build guys.

    Is it just me, or is Punk the #5 or #6 babyface right now? You have Cena, because no man is bigger than the WWE. Then there's HHH, who's God, then Sheamus, who's the Chosen One, then Big Show, because being massively overweight = ratings or something like that. Then it's close between Punk or Orton. Nice job, WWE.
  15. The Raw opening suggested was better than the actual one, but at least there was a Bob Backlund reference, so I'm happy. There's just so many things that could be done to improve Raw though...
  16. Tbh ADR and Jericho are there to build the Orton/Sheamus tension in my opinion. ADR is there because he has nothing else to do, as with Jericho. 4-way match is probably going to be more entertaining, or it's an excuse to have Sheamus lose I don't really know. But if Orton or Sheamus turn heel it'll be a good match.
  17. The only non-Russo ending to the F4W that would piss me off would be Sheamus retaining cleanly and no one turning.
  18. Expect that.

    From the start I called Sheamus wins clean, Jericho and Orton do something to end up feuding, Orton takes out Jericho for his tour and ADR just continues to face Sheamful.
  19. Pretty much what will happen, horrible. :okay:
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