Other small things that could have happened in the Rumble

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  1. Obviously other than changing match finishes and stuff like that

    Luckily WWE did plenty of the little things well (Bo Dallas, Ziggler shining, the surprise of Jericho being set up perfectly)

    -They buried the tag division, unless they (kayfabe) sign the Shield there's nobody who's a credible opponent for Kane and Bryan. So, if they have Carlito under contract, why not let him, Epico, and Primo replace 3MB in the Rumble? They can do the whole "Epico and Primo are in peril at the hands of Prime Time Players before Carlito surprisingly runs out and saves their asses" thing, and brought some new life to that tag team, and maybe re-establish the Freebird Rule.

    -Kofi should have landed on Tensai's back, then fly off, land on one leg, and hop back in the Rumble. The landing was cool, the chair was silly.

    -They've completely given away the mystery of The Shield being Punk's lackies, so why not have them come out during the Final Four of the Rumble and take out Ryback then? That would have both led Vince/the fans to wonder if Zigglerwas behind the Shield AND gave Ryback an excuse for losing... Cena just eliminating that dude clean was one of the worst things you could have done to him.

    -Half your fanbase was depressed at the end of the Rumble, and you had 18 minutes left at the end of the show... you had plenty of time for a buffer. Why not throw the Divas out there so our eyes could dry a little?

    There's plenty of others (Rock Bottom), but you guys have mentioned most of them. Anything else?
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  2. I'm not sure if they do have Carlito under contract, I think that was an inaccurate report. You are right though, the tag-team division is officially rubbish again with Rhodes Scholars losing. I don't mind Team Hell No still being champion, but put some effort into their segments like before to keep it interesting, and actually promote other tag-teams for them to potentially feud or interact with.

    The only logical explanation for Shield not doing anything to Ryback was that their feud is over, or that they didn't want two doses of Shield interference in the two biggest matches on the PPV. It's still stupid to have Ryback eliminated cleanly, utterly stupid.

    Something that annoyed me was Sheamus, but hey, I have no fix for that, apart from firing the guy.

    It's the perfect time to reveal Shield as Punk's guys in my opinion. RTWM starts now, now you can start to use them and then disband them at Wrestlemania. There was never going to be any ground-breaking brand dominance with those three guys, its intentions was never to be a newer version of Nexus.

    Kofi's chair spot was completely dragged out and was rather anticlimactic, but it was rather unique and cool to watch.

    The end to Rock/Punk was just terrible. I would have had Punk kick out of the elbow, then the Rock Bottom, have Rock really really sell the shock value which he would do well, then have him Rock Bottom Punk one more time. A 430+ day reign ended with one elbow to the chest is ridiculous.
  3. Pissed on how they used Brodus, Cara, Tensai, Mahal, Dallas and Godfather instead of guys like Backlund, Road Dogg, Gunn, Pac or Nash..

    Then to mention guys like Riley and McGillicutty.
  4. -They had 18 minutes left at the end of the show? They've always ended their PPV with about 10-15 (sometimes 20) minutes left. It's nothing new.

    -The Rumble match wasn't the best but far from the worst either. It had a lot of cool and memorable spots, but they really need Pat Patterson to start booking these things again. There was still too much deadwood at too many moments in the match.

    -Kofi chair spot didn't annoy me really, but I would either have had Kofi jump back onto the apron, or had JBL help him back to the apron himself.

    -Goldust should have tossed out Cody Rhodes almost immediately.

    -Was there a spot where Mysterio and Sin Cara went at it? There should have been.

    -Ryback being eliminated cleanly didn't really annoy me. It's just a battle royal after all, although I might have had him and Cena go over the top rope at the same time, and show that Ryback's feet just barely touched before Cena's did. Would have still made Ryback look pretty dominant by showing that because they both went over the top at the same time, it was really a matter of luck as to whose feet didn't touch first and whose did.

    -Pretty much what Crayo said in regards to the Rock/Punk match. Didn't mind the dusty finish, but I wouldn't have minded it not happening either. Nothing I would feel compelled to change, though.
  5. Why? Goldust isn't staying (he doesn't work for WWE does he?), so him eliminating Rhodes makes no sense. If there were going to be a feud in the near future, then I understand the logic. I've been waiting for Goldust vs Cody for years, the feud writes itself.
  6. This. It was great to see the two, and when Cody used one of his moves i marked for sure. It put Cody over with older fans showing he was better than his brother now (which we all know, and Lawler even said Dustin)

    I really love them being back, but i dont want a weekly Golddust thing unless it is Smackdown exclusive, which would work if Rhodes Scholars werent in the tag title run.
  7. It doesn't not make sense either. I thought it would have been a cooler nostalgia spot for Goldust to come in and throw someone out (did he even eliminate anyone at all?) and his brother is the best candidate for that. It's just a battle royal, it's not like he's burying him in a match or something.
  8. Well it does. Cody is the new generation.
  9. Well, there's the rest of my post you didn't quote on why it makes sense. Older guys have never eliminated newer guys, eh?
  10. The fact Goldust doesn't even work for WWE results in it making no sense. IT doesn't help Cody and they don't need to help Goldust.
  11. Eliminating Goldust doesn't help Cody much either. I doubt he got some big rub from eliminating his brother in what was (as I said before) just a mere battle royal. People don't care that Goldust doesn't work for WWE, he comes out and they remember him as the legend he is (he is on his own right.) Didn't Kevin Nash eliminate some people in 2011? If not, he should have. Didn't Jericho eliminate someone? Would your opinion of that really have been different if Jericho was back for only one night at the Rumble?

    I don't have a problem with Cody eliminating Goldust either, for the record, I would have just preferred it the other way around for the reasons I stated two posts ago. If it was Goldust winning an actual match against Cody, it'd be different.
  12. Not a huge rub, but at least he didn't look like a pussy and was somewhat relevant for longer. I don't think you can really compare Goldust to Jericho, Goldust didn't exactly get a huge pop lol... I don;t think anyone even cared when he was eliminated either. If you want nostalgia, have them eliminate some jobbers like Khali, no need for them to eliminate established future main eventers. Though this is such a small issue, no idea why we are even debating it.
  13. I cared! I cared dammit! :upset:
  14. :why::why:

    I can picture you there punching your screen: "NO GOLDUST, WHYYYYYY".
  15. Come on man, it's only wrestling......

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    I punched the wall :sad:
  16. I hope you're okay :please:

    Else no fapping :mog:
  17. I'm not crazy, I used the left hand :Sandow:
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