Other sports sub forum?

Discussion in 'Suggestions & Questions' started by Rysenberg, Apr 15, 2012.

  1. I think this would be quite cool. I suppose in some ways the locker room could be seen as a place to discuss sports but I noticed that the UFC discussion thread got closed and thought it would be good if there was a place for it and things similar.
  2. Crayo had plans to open a general sports section, not sure if he's going to decide to do it or not.
  3. Hopefully he does, think it would be a decent section to have.
  4. Trtust me I am doing it, it's just having the time to find every single sports thread in locker room and moving it. Once I do that I can make the section.



    Been in notepad for 3 days now haha.

  5. Haha nice one, there we can discuss the biggest match in Scottish football's history on May 19th :otunga:
  6. No more discussing soccer over the status.
  7. what's soccer
  8. We can discuss Manchester United winning the premier league in our own section. :otunga:
  9. Okay, I will discuss football though :emoji_wink:

    Plus you have to admit, this is amazing <3

  10. Okay no soccer discussion, football is totally allowed, and American Football.
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