Other Superstars that aren't defeated at Wrestlemania.

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Zack Ryder, Apr 1, 2013.

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  1. There are other WWE Superstars that are undefeated at WM besides the Undertaker, like Miz and Rob Van Dam. The Miz is 3-0 and RVD is 4-0. Name some other superstars that are undefeated.
  2. inb4 Miz breaks Taker's undefeated streak and the IWC implodes on itself
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  3. that would be awesome
  4. Miz isn't technically undefeated, him and Morrison lost on the 25 preshow to Epico and Primo it's a technical point but he has lost at WM.
  5. Damn I can't believe I forgot that one, I was there for christ sakes :damnn:
  6. You mean Carlito and Primo?
  7. Yep, my bad.
  8. So RVD has the best streak at Mania besides Taker.
  9. Sable is apparently 3-0 too, so oddly enough it goes Taker, Bob, Sable, LOD. Not sure if this is fully legit though.
  10. Really? I didn't Sable was.
  11. Yeah 14 she and Mero beat Golddust and Luna
    15 she beat Tori
    WM 20 in some tag match.
  12. Wow I knew about the 15 match but I didn't know she won the others
  13. About a year ago this was asked on another forum and I did a little search and came up with this . . . Animal (3-0), Ax (3-0), Hawk (3-0), Chyna (2-0), Mr. T (2-0), Shane McMahon (2-0), Terry Funk (2-0). Virgil is also 2-0 if I recall correctly. Then there are a bunch of people who are 1-0 but nobody cares about those. That's about it not counting those who've already been mentioned.
  14. I knew Hawk and Animal were undefeated.
  15. Once the undertaker is retired . They should start another streak.
  16. No they shouldn't. I'm really getting tired of the 'Taker streak and I don't want anybody to start a new one.
  17. I don't think it's a good idea to point to somebody and say, "you're going to be undefeated at Mania because we lost Taker and we need the streak dammit!" It's too big of a commitment and too restricting when booking matches. Rather than forcing something of this magnitude, it should develop organically and then run with it after awhile. I know that's not likely to happen but that just means said Mania streaks retain their impact. Also, since I know Taker isn't, if a new streak does happen I'm hoping that one gets broken. Not that will be seeing something like Taker's streak for many, many, years, probably never again but my point is that things like these won't work if forced in my opinion.
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