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Otis joined Corey Graves for this week’s After the Bell podcast, and it turns out that the big man’s love for steak isn’t just some television gimmick for pro wrestling.

Graves asked Otis about being a steak connoisseur:

Otis: “Me and Tucky are fully into the red meat world. To me, steak to me is just like making love. You just got to make sure it’s out of the ‘fridge for about an hour and then you start seasoning it. Put the olive oil on, then the salt and the pepper. To me I’m a rare man, it has to be nice and red and juicy...”

Corey: “I can relate to you on a whole different level because most of the time when I make love it involves taking something out of the freezer as well.”
Graves would also mention his ability to handle tongs, but I don’t think he meant anything dirty by it.

Unfortunately Otis did not offer more specific details on how he makes love, but maybe we’ll find out more tomorrow night on the Valentine’s Day edition of SmackDown. It’s at least good to know that he views seasoning as a critical part of the process.

Later in the interview, Otis talked about how his mother reacts to Corey Graves’ heel commentary that often mocks her son:

“My mom loves you, brother...I gotta say the PG version, she’s very angry in Polish. She’s like ‘Who the hell is that want momma to get on his ass? Want me to get on his ass for you?’”
Corey better watch out, it doesn’t sound like it’s a good idea to incur the wrath of Mama Doze.

Otis goes on to talk about how he thought luchadors were kids, comparing himself to Chris Farley, working with Mandy Rose, and his desire for a steel cage tag team match at WrestleMania. You can check out the full interview here.

And please don’t break Otis’ heart on Valentine’s Day, okay WWE?

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