Otunga goes on fat ass shopping spree

Discussion in 'SmackDown' started by Stopspot, Nov 18, 2012.

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  1. :Steiner: wouldn't be proud of such fat ass things but Samoa Joe probably is.

  2. Lol at him pretending they're for his son.
  3. Kid might actually get like one box or something depending on how long time it takes Otunga to reach super heavyweight class.
  4. Such a boss, ha-ha! :otunga:
  5. :steiner: Disapproves, but I don't think :otunga: really cares.
  6. Those are not good for his steroid abs
  7. Good for him that he isn't on roids then
  8. He's not on steroids? ...REALLY? :shock:

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  9. I would find a Joker clapping gif, but I cba. So you get a :win:
  10. I find it rather amusing how his wife is a spokesperson for Weight Watchers :dawg:
  11. :dawg::dawg:
  12. Glad you enjoyed it.
  13. I adore your gifs :yay:
  14. Xanth so jelleson.
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