Our "Hang Out" Saturday the 12th.

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by Nikki Nitro, Aug 18, 2017.

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    @Solid Snake
    @Just Kevin
    @Jacob Fox

    20170813_201726.jpg Before we rock climbed ^^^
    Ron & FARON
    This was funny. Faron and I were on the Ground laughing at Ron who was scared to let go. When he did get the nerve to let go He screamed liked a girl! Thats when we both really started laughing. We went to Put N Stuff Saturday the 12th.
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  3. That looks like a lot of hard work...

    I'd rather sit at home and watch bad movies...but...
    that attitude may also explain why I have no friends.

    Did you have fun?
    Did any of the guys spend a lot of time climbing "beneath" you?
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  4. *Did any of the guys spend a lot of time climbing "beneath" you?*

    :facepalm2: Im gonna pretend u didnt just say that. Lol
  5. You can pretend I didn't say it...

    But I did...
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  6. Ron took the easy one. I did the middle and The Guy I like, Faron, tried the hard one on the left. We all only made it half way before our arms started hurting. I tried going all the way but with them two laughing and talking bout how they cant keep going I just started to laugh so hard I had to let go.
  7. U hv friends on this forum. Im sure of it. :emoji_slight_smile:
  8. Now the Go Karts.....
    Ron was in the lead, I was 2nd, Faron was 3rd. Each time I saw Faron get close to try and Pass me, I swerve into his path so he wouldnt pass me. He did bump me once or twice and it surprised me but I still stayed one step ahead of him. I loved "Drifting" around the corner. At one corner Faron hit me and I almost spun out but I was able to correct in time and still Finnished 2nd place. Lol. I think he bumped me on purpose! THAT was the most fun part. We did the Go karts Twice.
  9. Thanks for the kind words L-Haze...
    and I was only joking.
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