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  1. Our. Time.

    The morning after the most recent Royal Wrestling Kingdom show, Democracy Rules, we open up to a press room in the Ricoh Coliseum. Steel chairs have been set up in the room for the interviewers to sit upon, with most of them filled by reporters and journalists from famous newspapers and internet reporting sites.

    Across from the small barricade that separates the chairs of the interviewers from the table where the press conference is being held, a security guard walks out and places two name cards on each side of the table, next to a microphone that looks to be live. The name cards read: Tyler Keenan and Christopher Jordan, the new number one contender for the RWK: Imperial Championship and the RWK European Champion respectively.

    The two men appear soon after, both dressed in expensive-looking suits. Keenan looks perfectly normal and professional, as he normally does, but Jordan continually holds his head in his hands seeming hungover from late night celebrations from the day before. He walks very steadily behind Keenan making sure he doesn’t trip over with Keenan looking over his shoulder a few times to make sure that his tag partner doesn’t show them up.

    Taking their seats at the table, Keenan pulls his microphone closer towards him and smiles at the interviewers sitting before them. On the other hand, Jordan is trying his best to look cheerful after a rough night. He places the RWK European Championship on the table and positions it so the main plate is facing the media personnel. Christopher moves his microphone towards and somehow manages to put a smile on his face.

    Spokesperson: Both Mr. Keenan and Mr. Jordan will now be taking questions, thank you.

    Interviewer #1: Billy Rogers from the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, my question is for Mr. Jordan. How are you feeling after your gruelling match with Michael Kelly, especially after going through that table?

    Rubbing one of his eyes with the palm of his hand, Jordan winces a little before he replies.

    Christopher Jordan:
    I can’t even lie to you, I am feeling quite sore. However, it wouldn’t be the first time I’ve been in a grueling match like this. Kelly had more fight in him than I imagined, but he didn’t have enough determination and that is what the match eventually came down to. If anything I feel worse from the bar I visited after the match.

    Sitting down, Kennedy begins to go over his notes as another interviewer in another seat rises to take his place in asking a question.

    Interviewer #2: Josh Kennedy from Pro Wrestling Illustrated, my question is for Mr. Keenan. What are your thoughts on becoming number one contender for Nick’s RWK Imperial Championship?

    Adjusting in his seat, Keenan clasps his hands together and motions to make his reply.

    Tyler Keenan: Well, when I arrived in RWK I had one goal. I wanted to walk into this company and take what was always rightfully mine from the start. Now, I’m basically one step away from achieving that goal. It’s a good feeling.

    Interviewer #3: Hi, Sarah Moss from The Daily Grappler. A question for both of you, how does it feel for the pair of you to potentially hold all of the gold in RWK by the end of next month?

    Christopher Jordan: It’s been a long time coming. The last time we both held gold in the same promotion was when we were tag team champions. Now, we could see Generation Global potentially running the singles division and I have no doubt that my best friend can defeat Nick for the Imperial Championship. It’s inevitable.

    Tyler Keenan: Without a single doubt, we are the future of this industry, and that was shown yesterday, right here in this building. Tag division, singles division, it doesn’t matter. This is our time to prove what we have been saying all of these years, and nobody is going to stop us. You can be sure that we’ve got a few tricks up our sleeves.

    Interviewer #4: Michael Hayden from Fighting Spirit Magazine, my question is also for both of you. We’ve seen on social media sites like Twitter that you seem to have a third member in Generation Global, do you mind if I ask why he isn't here?

    The two members of Generation Global slowly turn their heads to look at one another and break out into smiles. Shaking his head, Tyler Keenan slowly turns back to the microphone.

    Tyler Keenan: I’d say he’s still feeling the effects of last night. But I wouldn’t know, I haven’t seen him since then. I’m not the one who shares a room with him, let’s put it that way.

    Christopher Jordan: When we left the hotel, he was still passed out next to the toilet. The employees of the hotel are not going to be happy when they see that the bathroom in his hotel room is covered in vomit and broken glass.

    Interviewer #5: Hi, I’m Troy Logan from WorldofWrestling.com, my question is for Mr. Keenan. Tyler, do you have anything to say about the way you defeated Will Neilson last night? Do you have anything you may potentially want to say to him?

    Tyler Keenan: He didn’t earn my respect. I told him to do it, he didn’t. I’ve said before, nobody can step up to me and prove why they’re better because there is nobody like me. I won simply because Will Neilson doesn’t know how to defend himself properly. If he’d been more focused on defending himself than trying to beat the shit out of me then maybe he might have….but that was never going to happen. Period. There is no alternate universe where this result went down different. Neilson loses. End of story.

    Interviewer #6: Kevin Appleby from All Out Wrestling Insider, after his match last night it is now confirmed that you will be defending your European Championship against Aaron Harrows at Last Rites. What did you make of his performance?

    Christopher Jordan: Well if I’m being honest, I didn’t think that much. He went up against someone I have already defeated, how is that supposed to impress me? No matter whether it was Vitor or Aaron, it will always play out the same with Christopher Jordan still holding the RWK European Championship.

    After a few seconds, the spokesperson speaks up once more.

    Spokesperson: That concludes our press conference, thank you for coming. We’ll have more superstars coming up next!

    --End Segment--
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