Out of all the WWE wrestlers, who do you think would have been great real life fighters?

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  1. Real Life fighters as in an MMA fighter, boxer, etc.?

    Aside from Brock Lesnar and Ken Shamrock(who both competed as MMA fighters already in real life in the UFC), I think Kurt Angle, Rob Van Dam and The Undertaker would have been pretty good fighters in real life. We all should know why Kurt Angle would be a good fighter and both RVD and Taker have martial arts backgrounds(especially RVD).
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  2. X-Pac. Well trained martial artists in multiple disciplines and used to work as a bouncer before wrestling worked out. The fact he saved Shawn Michaels from those military guys at the bar fight in Syrcause in 96 should be a good enough reference that he's dependable in a fight.

    Also the Undertaker doesn't have a martial arts background/experience. His athletic background before pro wrestling is in basketball. He's an UFC mark who's done some grappling training for fun. That's not exactly being a black belt.
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  3. Santino Marella and Fit Finlay. Finlay doesn't rassle anymore, but he could still kick everyone's ass. Prime Finlay would eat Brock.
  4. Fit Finlay was an engine of destruction. Also I'd have been intrigued to see prime Vader go at it in a real fight
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  5. Countless wrestlers from the 80's and 90's always talk about how Haku/Meng was the baddest motherfucker that you could ever cross. In a pure, knock-down drag-out street fight, he's the last guy you want standing across from you in opposition. Here's a website detailing many of his horror stories:


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  6. Oh. I thought he might have had at least some sort of fighting background judging by how he has his fighting stance in his wrestling matches and from hearing stories from other fans who've met The Undertaker in person. I'm an amateur middleweight boxer so I can somewhat distinguish whether or not someone had at least some degree of fighting background in them.
  7. Taker is a big boxing and MMA mark and is friends with boxers and UFC fighters. That's about as far as his experience goes.
    He's a legitimate tough guy, but he's not a trained fighter.
  8. Nobody currently. It looks like the entire roster is filled with a group of bitches, male and female.
  9. Malenko probably would've been pretty ideal in his prime. I bet Nash could've fucked people up too.
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    This reminded me of an article in Pro Wrestling Illustrated back when UFC first started out. They did an article where Vader answered fan questions. One of the questions asked was why doesn't Vader go fight in the UFC and he answered that he will only do it if they allowed him to fight handicap matches. I'll always remember that being a huge Vader mark. It was the perfect diplomatic answer.

    That being said, I agree that Vader in his prime would have been interesting to see in MMA. I think he could have made a decent showing. He was an all out brutal, stiff fighter and a lot of wrestlers refused to get in the ring with him.
  11. Dan Severn was another one. Although he did UFC before professional wrestling, he was an amateur greco roman and freestyle wrestler before doing MMA.

    Back in the day the first person I would have thought would have been good was Dr Death Steve Williams. Losing to Bart Gunn in the Brawl for it All hurt his reputation at the time as being the toughest man in pro wrestling though and kind of nixed my opinion of this.
  12. Swagger on the current roster seems like he could have transitioned into MMA pretty easily with his amateur wrestling pedigree, size and athleticism.

    Del Rio has some professional fights (inb4 Cro Cop) and would handle most guys in the business today. Extensive greco roman wrestling background.

    Ziggler ofc was a great amateur, would single-leg most of these noobs into oblivion.

    All time: Scotty Steiner. Amazing amateur wrestler, amazing athlete, complete nut job.
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  13. Wasn't he injured going into that one? I remember JR mentioning something, few years ago.
  14. Kurt angle and Alberto del rio hands down. Those guys in their prime... Learning other skill sets besides already being gold medal wrestlers... They could've killed it in the ufc.

    Brock did well because he came in at the right time, he's a big dude, and a great wrestler. Right when Cain stepped in though, Brock was done for and couldn't compete. He was limited and didn't handle punches very well.

    If you had a wrestler like angle, who's a higher caliber than Brock, and trained him to punch, submit, etc... That would be a dangerous entity.
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  15. He was injured but he was injured during the match with Bart Gunn. He tore his hamstring during the match.
  16. I'm sorry but the undertaker??? No way. He has done some basic shit but to say he would've done well in UFC is absurd. Cm punk technically has a "background," too. But anyone with half a brain knows odds are he's going to get his ass beat. Just because taker is a fan, doesn't mean he just be in the ufc and do well.
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  17. Knew it was something. Shame one man's reputation went down the shitter because of something like that.
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  18. I agree. But WWF handled it poorly.

    I have to rephrase what I said though. I didn't stop being a fan of him due to this. I actually still think he would have been perfect for MMA back in the 90s, he was one tough guy. And it sucks that possibly the worst idea at the time, Brawl for All, was what ruined it. It was probably even a worse idea than the XFL.
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  19. True
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  20. I will say that as much as I love this post, and this guy is tough for sure, he most likely wouldn't fair well with rules. Sure, he's tough and with no rules he could probably beat the shit out of some of the best ufc fighters. But, he can't go into a ring and simply knock someone's eye out socket intentionally and use weapons.
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