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Discussion in 'General WWE' started by catlady, Feb 14, 2013.

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  1. How would you imagine the following wrestlers are when they are not in character (not working)?

    John Cena:
    Daniel Bryan:
    Dolph Ziggler:
    CM Punk:
    Mark Henry:
    Kofi Kingston:


    I can see the following:

    John Cena: pretty much the same, with more swearing and some beer. None the less a fun guy in small doses. lol
    Daniel Bryan: a softy. I can see him enjoying romantic movies and visiting pet shelters. he seems like he would love long walks on the beach and watching sunsets. a hopeless romantic if you will.
    Dolph Ziggler: some what like a hyper stoner. like he is just all over the place and gets along with pretty much anyone... but if you cross the line with him or his friends, I can seem him being a hot head.
    CM Punk: to people he cares about, he's probably a laid back guy. enjoys joking around and doing random things. to the people he doesn't care about... well... lol he also seems like he is full of surprises for someone who is never drunk or wild and crazy.
    Mark Henry: quiet yet spontaneous. i can see him being very friendly to just about anyone. he's probably the guy who laughs a lot and listens more then talks.
    Santino: a dick. i seriously can see him being a real d-bag to people. lmao
    Kofi Kingston: probably one of the nicest, chilled, fun guys in the wwe. he probably seldom gets drunk, enjoys video games and is just generally an all around cool person to be friends with.
    Ryback: i think he would be like a college jock. like pulling pranks on people but also being rude to other people.
  2. Pretty much all wrestlers are nice to people, with the exception that Punk does not tolerate idiots.

    Ziggler did an interview when wwe came to Romania, and although the interviewer sucked, and had hardly any english skills, Ziggler acted ok and was very nice, and made jokes.
  3. Ziggler always seemed like he was a genuinely nice guy.
  4. John Cena: Secretly gay. Has weird butt fetishes
    Daniel Bryan: Just a nerd, really. Similar to his original WWE gimmick. He's that nerd in HS that has a hot ass GF for some random reason
    Dolph Ziggler: Hilarious beast. Funniest mf in the room at all times. Probably bangs your gf
    CM Punk: Pussy. gets his ass kicked if he talks shit
    Mark Henry: Just a big chill motherfucker that I would love to smoke a blunt with.
    Santino: He's canadian. probably a weird mf
    Kofi Kingston: Asshole. Talks shit to beasts like Trent Baretta
    Ryback: Surprise intellectual. Often times blows his peers away with his incredible books smarts and amazing philosophical viewpoints on a variety of topics
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  5. And you know that because...

  6. I agree with this. :lol1:

    Daniel Bryan is a nerd with a hot GF and Dolph Zig will probably bang your chick. :dawg:
  7. Unsure if you're serious on the Dolph one, lol. He's reportedly really really "sweet" -- have a hard time imagining him stealing your girlfriend.
  8. John Cena: Bit of a dick tells bad jokes likes his beer
    Daniel Bryan: mischievous playing jokes on people, Kind, Relaxed, shy, a hopeless romantic, down to earth
    CM Punk: straight talking takes no crap from anyone, honest, intense, laid back and relaxed once he knowns someone well.
    Mark Henry: quiet, thoughtful, where his heart on his sleeve, loyal trustworthy laid back,dependable.
    Santino: serious, quiet friendly good sense of humour lots of friends
    Kofi Kingston: friendly laid back sense of humour
    Ryback: Down to Earth Funny intense always hungry
  9. John Cena: Chronic blowjob giver
    Daniel Bryan: Chronic beard grower
    Dolph Ziggler: Chronic narcissist
    CM Punk: Chronic asshole
    Mark Henry: Chronic ass whipper
    Santino: Chronic farter
    Kofi Kingston: Chronic weed smoker
    Ryback: Chronic mastubator
  10. How would you [size=x-large]imagine[/size] the following wrestlers are when they are not in character (not working)?
  11. He steals people's GFs on accident just by having such a magnificent jaw.
  12. it was a joke :upset:

  13. :bury:
  14. :ksi:

  15. John Cena: OP,I agree with you, as you described,
    Daniel Bryan: A nice guy, funny, nerdy, someone I think could be my bestfriend.
    Dolph Ziggler: A good stand up guy,
    CM Punk: Laid back,and nice but very outspoken.
    Mark Henry: He is a big teddy bear, just like the big show is in real life, and probably hilarious. Never a dull moment type person. A marshmellow.
    Santino: I see him being a pretty great guy.
    Kofi Kingston: friendly, good sense of humor. outgoing and a stand up nice guy.
    Ryback: as one said above, He is probably down to earth.
  16. Kofi Kingston is an asshole, he doesn't sign autographs :bury:
    Ziggler is one of the nicest. I met him once at axxess
  17. Kane is known to be extremely intelligent and very interested in politics. That's him in a nutshell.
  18. They all enjoy taking it up the butt.
  19. All have heard about Kane is that he is a nice guy,Very intelligent and into politics he is a Libertarian.
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