Out-of-left-field 10 year predictions

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Red Rain, Sep 22, 2014.

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  1. I once heard Edge give an interview highlighting the differences between he and Randy Orton.
    He stated in 2004 that he was the quiet one and Randy was the more boisterous competitor.
    By the time Edge's career ended, they had completely switched in those roles.

    In the spirit of that interview, I'd like to make a few predictions of my own.:

    1. Roman Reigns will have an average career switching between heel and face.
    By average, he won't be an all time great. He will win a fairly solid amount of world titles.

    2. Dean Ambrose will create some of the most interesting and compelling moments.
    His peaks will surpass Roman's. Injuries will catch up to him, due to the gimmick matches they call him to work.

    3. Bray Wyatt will be the anti-hero babyface only few expect.
    Wyatt will outclass Reigns, surmounting him as the heir apparent by their 1st Mania match.

    4. Seth Rollins will go down as one of the best in-ring performers ever.

    5. Steen and Kenta will have lackluster careers. Devitt and Zayn will work numerous high card matches.
    Zayn will have the best career. Devitt will win multiple mid card championships.

    6. Finally, Daniel Bryan will slow down his work rate. Like Austin, his comedic charm will improve.
    His career will be like Kurt Angle's. Too good to remain heel or face for too long.
    He'll never maintain #1 status for too long, due to the revolving door of high quality younger talent.

    Feel free to agree or disagree. They are off the wall and supposed to be. I'd like to hear others.
    Be creative. Come strong. Be confident and have fun with it.
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  2. Nice predictions, I just hope you're wrong about steen. Sure, it's hard to imagine him going all "pg hardcore", but still. I do agree on Reigns getting outclassed, though, he already seems to be falling behind in fan reaction.
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  3. Nice set of predictions. I would add that Seth Rollins will probably be the best heel of this generation, i know its early days but damn, he is such a good heel!
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  4. Cool take, bro. I intentionally left the heel/face dichotomy out of the Rollins argument. His move-set screams, 'cool' or 'I'll put my career/life on the line to entertain'.
    It certainly doesn't negate your argument of him being 'the best heel of this generation'. We'll see where it goes.
    Reigns doesn't even have Bret Hart charisma, which speaks volumes. He's Orton V2, mostly. He has shades of Diesel (but not necessarily Kevin Nash).
    In a WCW-like company that allowed him to take off the handcuffs, so to speak, he would come off significantly more charismatic.
    Reigns isn't bad, he will simply be too easy to surpass. He'll peak early as Orton did causing all to (eventually) question the logistics behind him finally taking down Brock Lesnar.
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  5. I do like Reigns a little bit though, I just don't think he is "Top guy" material. His charisma, like you said is less than fantastic, and his moveset has a few cool things, but its mostly ultimate warrior + samoan drop. I wouldn't mind that much him being multiple world champion , and I think wwe's attempt to make him ultra-over was partially succesful, I just hope that they don't get stubborn and try to forcefully make him the new franchise symbol.

    It makes me wonder who is going to be the new main wrestler, there doesn't seem to be a lot of options that clicks with WWE's past M.O. Will they finally make a small guy their franchise player? That would be interesting to see
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  6. 1. Yes, agreed.
    2. Agreed. Not sure about injuries catching up to him, although it depends on the timeline of when they would.
    3. Outclass Reigns? Maybe. Become the heir apparent? No. At best, he'll likely spend the majority of his career as Undertaker did, being booked in rivalries that are treated with importance despite not being main event programs that revolve around the world title.
    4. Maybe. Even though I agree with RedDwarfTechy's comments about Rollins playing the heel role brilliantly, it's inevitable that he'll become a babyface again eventually if they let him utilize his full in-ring potential since his skill level inside the ring will be too high to remain a heel for very long.
    5. No clue, though they'll all likely end up as midcard/upper-midcard talent. Not that there's anything wrong with that. Not everyone is destined to be a main eventer.
    6. Almost certainly. I think he'll remain a babyface for the great majority of his career, though.
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  7. Rollins is an interesting case, indeed. He was NXT's first champion and is, effectively, HHH's prediction as a can't miss talent.
    It's true, Rollins is the only young guy on the roster I can confidently say will be everything we all believe he will be.
    Barring injury, Rollins may not reach super-stardom but nobody is predicting that (although it's possible).
    He will, however, be labeled as a 'HHH guy' which usually means 'undeserved' spots in the main event. HHH guys are usually labeled as pricks (even if unfairly).

    HHH may groom him as an HBK-like performer granting him matches and spots that highlight his chosen guy.
    The same production team that made HBK a legend through video reels will do the same with Rollins.
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  8. Very true but I don't think he'll be as entitled as Orton is/was/will be. Maybe its just the mark in me but he seems like a real professional and his in ring talent should be pretty deserving of main events but I get what you mean about the perception of the undeserved or maybe even getting some that aren't truly deserved.

    I love watching his feuds and hopefully he keeps innovating and Dean and Seth have a long and storied rivalry! that would be A - Okay in my book.
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  9. I agree with you, personally. The fans may believe otherwise. "Perception" is spot on because I was referring also to Sheamus and Batista.
    I like Sheamus, Batista as well as Seth Rollins. Batista and Sheamus were continually given spots on the card that were somewhat questionable.
    Batista and Sheamus did nothing wrong to warrant any bad or lukewarm receptions but the audience enjoys cheering the 'held back' talent and heckling the established talent.

    As long as Rollins is HHH's buddy he will be booked continuously in high profile matches. This may mean another talent being held back as a result.
    He must avoid the lukewarm receptions that Batista, Sheamus and Orton tend to get (particularly the last two).
    I agree with you, Rollins is a different cat. He's paid his dues and isn't a golden boy. Let's hope the 'Universe' doesn't f*** him over, because they're smarks.
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    Cool post, bro!

    Been meaning to reply with my thoughts whole day, but got to it only now, so here it is:

    1. I agree. It'd not be cool to have him become the next Cena. With his '5 moves of doom' and crap like that. I think Roman is better than that and deserves better than being limited. Granted that he's still young and not experienced in the ring enough, he should and will evolve, I suppose. Roman should indeed be switching 'tween heel and babyface.

    2. Yeah, definitely. Ambrose rules!

    3. Agreed on Bray Wyatt, definitely! The guy has all the tools to succeed. It's really up to the Creative not to fuck it up. Anti-hero babyface? I'd like to see it, as long as it is bona fide, just like his character is.

    4. Oh yeah! I kinda see HBK in Rollins, even though the more athletic one. The guy is beyond awesome!

    5. I have to agree on Kenta, they'll probably fuck him up. They're pretty good at it.
    - Now, when it comes to Steen, I wouldn't like to see it happen. I'd definitely want to see him in the ME picture, but doubtful. I see Sheamus treatment on Steen, main event push (like I said, doubtful, but would love to see it happen), then he'll lower down to midcard and upper midcard. We'll have to wait and see, I guess time will only tell.
    - Devitt and Zayn? Absolutely, I love the two. They're very easy to like. I'm fearful that either Zayn or Devitt are gonna get the DZ treatment. That is a blessing and a curse, as well. Would hate to see that happen. But hell yeah, I'm all up for Devitt and Zayn in the ME scene. I can totally see Devitt switching from heel to face and vice versa, from time to time. While Zayn could be a babyface for the vast majority of his career.

    6. Agreed. Sure, why the hell not? DB is awesome. We'll see how things will play out with this injury he's had, though. Guess I'd be cool with him being a babyface for a good while.
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  11. Good takes. It would be impossible for Reigns ring work not to improve. If Undertaker could improve exponentially, than Reigns can do the same.
    The DZ treatment isn't so bad. It only stinks more now because Ziggler is peaking at a time when the established stars have become stale to the viewer.
    By the time Zayn and Devitt peak, we will already be seeing The Shield members in the prime of their careers.

    I don't believe Ziggler has had a bad career at all. Zayn as a perennial babyface is the primary reason I such great things for him
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    I'm not saying it's all bad, it's just not that good either... For the reasons you've just pointed out. With Cena and Orton being so stale, Ziggler should be on top. It's what we, the fans want, but they don't seem to give a damn. But, it is what it is.

    I would like to think so, too. Tbh, I'm expecting to see the WWE World Heavyweight Championship around the waist of each of the former Shield members.
    There's a bright future for both Zayn and Devitt, and for Steen, hopefully.
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  13. While Daniel Bryan sounds like an idiot on the mic in WWE these days, he's actually very articulate and well spoken.
    Kevin Steen has a more violent nature who may have a tougher transition than Bryan did.
    Ironically, Steen speaks very well but not necessarily 'better' than Daniel Bryan.
    Unlike Bryan, Steen seems to only present himself one way. Kevin Steen is angry, yet he's only 5'11 and still fat.

    Being angry is great, but will that work in WWE? Who's he going to intimidate with all that anger? He reminds me a bit of Finlay, a great talent to model is career after.
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  14. Well, if I got your point the right way, a whole bunch of guys sound like idiots on mic these days, then... The Empire needs to let their superstars work their own promos, add some 'balls' to it, have their own attitude to it. This way, an avalanche of times they sound force fed and robotic.
  15. I've always believed that. WWE feels the need to micromanage everything. Why should anyone pay WWE one red cent when everything is so predictable?
    The mere fact that I could make this thread and be even 80% accurate just shows how predictable that company really is.
  16. You're right. I don't think I can remember the last time WWE wasn't so predictable and so far, 2014 has pretty much been the worst year for WWE, both injury-wise and product-wise.
    It's sad, really.
  17. I believe we are finally seeing the repercussions of sending wrestlers through the WWE system as opposed to the Indy's first.
    At this point, all the main characters in the company were guys who never worked the Indy system.
    Talents like Batista, Cena and Orton were WWE bred from the get-go so they have little problem taking direction and doing exactly as they are told with little input on their part.
    We are just now leaving that era and entering a time when a great majority of the young talent have worked the Indy circuit.

    It will be a slow process but, with HHH in charge of talent the company has a fresh set of eyes with a panoramic view. Punk and Bryan were the tip of iceberg.
    With more seasoned talent debuting, we may see more diversity. Any era is usually best defined by who's at the top. Of course, it may all just be politics.
  18. @Testify is still under the table blowing Michael Cole.
  19. Orton will retire, and the wrestling fans will relise what they have lost
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  20. True, actually.
    We will have lost the most un-entertaining 14 time (by then) world champion of all time.
    For WWE to put the strap on him at 24 years of age and carry the company through so many historically boring moments brings a tear to my eye.
    It takes guts, talent and perseverance to be that uninspiring and bland and uncool through 14 WWE world heavyweight championship reigns.
    Randy Orton cured insomnia. There will never be another like you, Randy, never.

    During his HOF ceremony, there won't be an open eye in the house.
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