WrestleMania Outdoor venues = atmosphere killers?

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  1. Do you think having Mania or any PPV in a huge outdoor stadium is a positive for the atmosphere or a negative?

    To me it sucks. A lot of the noise escapes that would normally be reverberating around the place in an arena as opposed to just escaping through an open roof'd top.

    I know From mentioned the cold weather last night hurt the crowd as well.. and for 80k smarks, it seems pretty accepted that the crowd wasn't very good last night except for Taker/Punk.

    To prove my point I'll use last year for an example. The crowd was pretty good in the big stadium, but the crowd the next night in the arena made the show epic. I understand I am just bitching to hear my keys click, as WWE makes more money on gates doing it this way, but alas I still ask, does it kill the atmosphere on the show for those of us watching our shaky streams on our laptops (or if you are lame enough to purchase it on PPV? )
  2. Yes open air stadiums kill the volume of the crowd.

    Simple solution, come back to the SkyDome, close the roof, you get 60,000+ and tons of noise.
  3. Closed stadiums are definitely better suited for wrestling. I can understand wanting the big open stadiums from a visual standpoint (seeing 80 thousand large at mania is pretty darn impressive) but half of what makes the crowd is the noise and having an open roof kills that as you said.

    Perhaps they should look at stadiums with closeable roofs (like Wembley has). That way they could close the roof if sound became an issue.
  4. It makes sense. A closed arena will have the sound going around and it's enclosed. So the crowd noise would be louder, also a lot of people follow Wrestlemania. A lot of people traveled to NJ and probally wasn't used to the weather there and became to uncomfortable to be loud.
  5. There are tons of domes in the US they could use.

    I guess we at least get the Superdome next year.
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  6. WHO DAT SUPERDOME :yay: The only problem I have with that stadium is how dirty the building look from the outside...or at least the last time I saw it :hmm:
  7. Dude you probably saw it during Hurricane Katrina or some shit

  8. Dude to be there in that atmosphere would be amazing. How it sounds on tv? Fuck it they add cheering to smackdown, they can up the DVD.
  9. Yeah, that sucks. Big domes with roofs are the best ones for WM I think.
  10. It was when it was the actual Superdome, before the deal with Mercedes. It looked dirty, unless you saw it on TV. Which was always weird, since you could even see it from the bridge. Even before Katrina it had that look.
  11. Definitely. WWE needs to stick to roofed stadiums. Atmosphere has such a huge impact on how good shows are imo.
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