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  1. The name of the game is to book the Main Event at WrestleMania in such an odd way that it wouldn't even be surprising if the WWE actually ran with it.

    Here I go.

    The final match for WrestleMania is Roman Reigns vs. Brock Lesnar one on one for the WWEWHC strap. Roman comes out first to an elaborate entrance that pays homage to his Samoan legacy. Before Lesnar comes out Roman gets a live mic and goes on about his family for a couple of minutes, and then dedicates the match to them. Lesnar makes his way to the ring and the match commences. Roman dominates and hits the Samoan drop a staggering 20 times, Lesnar comes back with a flury but Reigns completely shuts him down. With the crowd solidly behind him Roman does his roar and closes it with a big spear!

    Roman's music hits and he celebrates with the title, but then the extremely generic intro to Ambrose's theme plays and Ambrose makes way to the ring with the IC strap around his waist which he successfully defended against Xavier Woods earlier in the night. He walks up to Roman, and they meet with a big hug recreating the classic Eddie/Benoit scene. Everything is all and well, BUT Ambrose kicks Roman and lays him out with the Dirty Deeds! The crowd is in shock and boos Ambrose as he makes his way to the top of the stage. Before Ambrose could leave Rollins' theme hits and he runs past Dean to the ring. HE'S CASHING IN, ROLLINS IS GOING TO DO IT!! The referee accepts and starts the match. Seth goes for the curb stomp but Reigns counters, and blasts him with a spear! He goes for the pin and the ref counts: 1, 2, 3! Roman retains, Rollins fails to cash in!! Roman looks at Ambrose who is now accompanied by The Big Show! The two eye Reigns and the show ends in a stare down to be remembered for the ages.
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  2. :lol1: I love how Big Show just randomly shows up at the end there.
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  3. Reigns dominates Lesnar in the same one-sided fashion that Lesnar dominated Cena in at Summerslam (not necessarily because he dishes out an abundance of German Suplexes, but just because he whoops Brock's ass so hard that he barely allows him to get in any offense.) Either that, or Reigns hits a spear out of nowhere on Brock at the very beginning of the match (Lesnar has kayfabe broken ribs, remember) and picks up the pinfall in what would go down the shortest Wrestlemania main event in history (which would lead to Paul Heyman doing damage control by calling it "the biggest fluke in Wrestlemania history.")

    Pretty sure both of those scenarios are so outlandishly absurd that not even WWE would consider doing them.
  4. Brock Lesnar completely dominates Reigns and pins him cleanly. Bret Hart comes down and says that he will not allow another screwjob to happen. He restarts the match even though the previous pin was completely legitimate. Roman Reigns ends up winning the belt.
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  5. I was like 7 at the time so it didn't bother me then (was just happy Sting won) but looking back fuck the WCW so much for ruining that Hogan/Sting match after everything leading up to it was so perfect. Goddamn Nick Patrick being the legit NWO goon ref lol. Can't say it isn't interesting looking back watching old WCW knowing everything we know now about the politics and 100 hands being in every storyline cookie jar.

    Anywho, my outlandish finish would be anything involving Bryan. His involvement would be outlandish. Give the lil guy a nice feud with Sheamus or something. Reigns vs Brock or bust.
  6. HHH beats Sting clearly, and as Daniel Bryan walks out to the match he is assaulted by the Authority. HHH takes his place in the match 18 minutes in, and uses J&J security to secure the win after needing to restart the match later on. HHH wins the belt, and as Rollins goes to cash in for a cheap win, Orton attacks him instead.... stealing the briefcase. HHH allows it to be cashed on him for the fingerpoke of doom. Orton becomes champion, and WWE does a reboot of the same shit over the past few years.
  7. Here's mine:
    Lesnar retains the WWE-WHC in a singles match against Reigns, despite Roman's multiple Superman punches and Spears.

    Then, Heyman does the unthinkable... While entering the ring and screaming 'Ladies and gentlemen, here is your winner and still... The reigning, defending, undisputed WWE Heavyweight Champion of the World - Brooooocck...' Bam! Heyman kicks him in the nuts and lays him out with the title afterwards. Everyone's in shock...

    Moments later, Rollins' theme song hits, the crowd's going berserk, he comes out and wants to cash in on Lesnar, Heyman's provided this great opportunity for him, the ref accepts and rings the bell... Lesnar's wounded, he slowly gets up and catches a spinning kick to the gut, followed by Avada Kedavra, Rollins is screaming at Lesnar who is on his last legs to get up, Rollins goes for the Curb Stomp, hits it and pins Lesnar 1,2,3 and becomes the first man to ever cash in at WM and is crowned the new WWE-WHC.

    - Here's another one:
    Lesnar retains the title in a triple-threat against Bryan and Reigns. They just couldn't endure an avalanche of German Suplexes and F-5's. Then, Heyman does what I just wrote up above. Rollins' music hits, but he's accompanied by HHH and the rest of The Authority to make sure neither Bryan, Reigns or anybody else could possibly spoil Rollins' cash in. Rollins hits the Curb Stomp, pins Lesnar and is crowned the new WWE-WHC.
  8. is it me or have you deleted/re-posted this like six times now? am I losing my mind here :idk:
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  9. Yeah, my internet connection's been a real bitch for the past day or two. It's been doing some crazy shit on this site, but worry not, it should be fixed now.
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  10. Sheamus enter the feud between Orton and Rollins and wins the MITB briefcase that for some reason was up for grabs. Later on Reigns beat Brock lesnar and then the new Mr. MITB Sheamus shows up and cashes in on Reigns, beating him in under 6 seconds, breaking his previous record and becoming the new WWE champion, with Heyman raising his hand.
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