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  1. So me and @JwabHDTV were hanging out last night, we still are, and we had this game called Outlast on his Ps4. I decided to play it, and Jwab wanted to watch. So 3-5 hours later, I have finished it. Spoilers ahead..... Okay so you are this reporter going into an abandoned insane asylum because there are conspiracies of corruption and what not. You get in there, and this place is fucking nuts, heads on shelfs, dead bodies everywhere, not a place you want to be. The game starts off very strong, but later on in the last 2 hours, there was quite alot of backtracking and essentially what were fetch quests. Then, the game took a turn which I didn't really approve of, there is a supernatural demon in the Asylum, and from then on you are tasked with shutting off this Demon named Billy's life support. I really thought Miles might make it out alive, That ending was okay, looking forward to the DLC, for those who have played Outlast, thoughts? Miles Upshur obviously didn't cover wars, ya know.
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  2. Barely paid attention, but can't wait to do my own playthrough. That ending was coo as fuck.
  3. ehh
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