Over-All Talent?

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by catlady, Oct 18, 2012.

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  1. Who, in your humbled opinion, has the best mic and in ring skills?
    List your top 3! & why! (ONLY ACTIVE WRESTLERS!)

    I love John Cena on the mic but in ring he runs dry. So he don't make my list. I also enjoy Sin Cara, Kofi and Rey but they aren't so good on the mic... So like John, they don't make the cut.

    Here's mine.

    1.) Daniel Bryan - He is so over right now and Vince HATES it. His in ring ability is outstanding and he has grown on the mic so much that he makes my number one. He is an amazing wrestler. Bottom line.
    2.) CM Punk - Punk has always been good at talking crap and he can do a thing in or two in the ring. However, his mic skills seem to be more choppy as of late so he is number two. Still a great wrestler.
    3.) Dolph Ziggler - What can I say, He knows how to put on a show! I can see him blowing up once he drops Vicky and starts talking on the mic more. His mic skills aren't as good as the two above, but damn... Can he wrestle!
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  2. Great list, and agree with the first two completely.. but I'd replace Ziggler with Sandow. He is just awesome on the mic, and solid in the ring.
  3. Sandow is amazing on the mic but Ziggler out ranks him in the ring in my opinion. Plus, I think Zig has more potential to go further with his career as well. I love Sandow's gimmick and if they play it right, he will remain entertaining.
  4. 1. Daniel Bryan- Best wrestler there hands down, and is beast with this tag team role, his mic skills are great and his segments are funny as hell, and is the saviour of the tag team division now.
    2. CM Punk- 2nd best wrestler, tremendous mic skills and can play the heel role great too.
    3. Kofi Kingston- Great wrestler, his mic skills can improve, but I think he is a great wrestler and is a future main eventer and proved he can be taken serious with his feud with Orton a few years ago.
  5. Fair enough. Though Zigg's mic skills could improve, but yeah, he's definitely a great talent.


    Let's all just agree that Daniel Bryan is the greatest of all time :pity:
  6. Not even, his ring work is good, but not enough to be in the top 3. I would have the same list except I'd put Cody Rhodes in Ziggler's spot. His dashing/undashing promos were awesome & even now he's still good. It was nice to see Rhodes progress since his debut. Not to mention his ring work which is just as good as Sandow's if not better.
  7. Bryan, Ziggler, and Cena easily are the top 3 IMO
  8. Punk, Bryan and Ziggler atm. Ambrose may be capable of slipping in there once he's debuted though.
  9. I'm not sure if I would put Cena in if ring skills are held into account although I must admit I've enjoyed his matches as of late. Punk/Cena at NOC was better than I expected.
  10. Cena is a good wrestler. Just because WWE limits him 90% of the time doesn't mean he isn't talented in ring.
  11. I mean if limiting is the case then why are there so many others who outshine him in the ring. I assume the same limits would be placed on all superstars
  12. For me Cena's matches are so much more enjoyable if he's working with a good seller. When he's working with Michaels, Punk etc he looks a lot more powerful and his moves look a lot more believable compared to when he works against an average-poor seller where he just seems really bland and wooden in the ring.

    But yeah he is a very good worker, he may have faced some fantastic performers over the years but you don't have as many great matches as he's had without being talented.
  13. To be fair, it would make sense to 'protect' Cena a lot more than others. Seeing as how he's the cash cow, if he gets injured a lot of money would go down the toilet.
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  14. well maybe wwe should stop giving refunds for live events when he's not there. Cena gets injured, someone else steps in. It's not like WWE dies the moment he leaves.
  15. You assume wrong lol. Cena is the most limited guy on the roster in TV matches. When he is given time and freedom to shine in PPV matches with another good worker he delivers 9 times out of 10

    If you think his ring work is lacking, awesome. I think he is at worst an above average in ring performer.
  16. tell that to Vince :dawg:
  17. I believe that as well, but as great that is it doesn't place him in the top 3
  18. As opinionated as "overall talent" is in pro wrestling I don't see how you can really have an issue with Cena being mentioned. You think Rhodes is an overall better talent? I sure don't. But again, we all have our own opinions. When Cena isn't in cater to 8 year olds mode he is probably the best mic worker in WWE.
  19. 1 - Daniel Bryan: He is great. 1 year ago, when he took MITB I hated him because he was zero at mic but now he is great. Also he is like a version of Chris Benoit.
    2 - John Cena: He is a great person. He has great mic skills. Also he is great in the ring but crappy writers dont use it.
    3 - Kane: The most underrated wrestler (and Christian). He has great promos. He showed it before and i loved his 2010 Undertaker feud promos. He is big but he is athletic for his size.

    Note: Christian and Undertaker arent active and didnt write them.
  20. You know what I'd give Cena the mic skills thing, but his mic skills are a bit repetitive when you look at. It seems like I'm watching the same promo over and over again, same for Punk. Rhodes is pretty damn good on the mic and in the ring. If he were to have a ME rivalry it wouldn't be in question.
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