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*As Saturday Night Precision opens for the first time since Judgment Day, the camera pans around the excitedly cheering crowd in Phoenix, Arizona. The crowd is noticeably smaller than in previous editions of the program, and the show is definitely taking place in a smaller building. This does not seem to have dented their enthusiasm, however, as their voices echo louder than ever, off the closer walls. The new black-and-yellow colour scheme of the promotion, too, stands out, but before it and any other changes to the show can be truly taken in, the music of the Precision Champion, Jack Rogue, booms as loud as ever over the speakers*

*The theme is accompanied by an explosive ovation, with huge energy that is matched by Rogue as he emerges with gusto and a wide smile from behind the curtain, championship in hand. He hoists the gold above his head to a pop, walks to either side of the entranceway to hype the crowd further, and begins a quick, striding walk to the ring, belt over his shoulder. He jogs up the ring steps and steps quickly through the ropes, before smiling at the ring announcer, who hands him a microphone. Jack is still smiling as his music and his cheers slowly fade, before he begins to speak in a tone similarly jovial to his manner*

Jack: Ladies and gentlemen of Phoenix, Arizona…!

*The cheap pop Rogue has made customary is expected but still loud and proud. The champion, as ever, is greatly cheered by his hard-earned popularity*

Jack: …ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the new era of Saturday Night Precision! You all got a showing of what this, both pro wrestling and Precision, is all about seven nights ago at Judgment Day. You saw a stacked card featuring a multitude of new competitors that you have all welcomed as they deserve - many of them with open arms. And that night you saw an electric battle of attrition, skill and will between myself and a man who, for all his sins, I respect immensely for his achievements: the longest reigning champion in Sony Storm history, Tyson Blade. We went back and forth, we did what we do best, we left everything we had to give in this ring and you did what you did best: cheer until your lungs bled. It was your support that carried me to the second superkick that put Blade to bed and it is, as ever, all of you that I have to thank for standing here, at the top of tonight’s show, still at the top of this show, as your reigning Precision Champion. Thank you all.

*The audience cheer and applaud Rogue’s sentiment before he continues with a less jovial tone*

Jack: But from the past… to the future. And it is a new future we live in, a new era. You see, I’m not sent out here to fire you guys up and pull the wool over your eyes, so I’ll tell you the truth. Things haven’t all been fun, games and carefree smiles in Precision in recent weeks. There have been goings-on behind the scenes. Ryan Blake, as I’m sure you can guess, did as poor a job of management behind the camera as he did in front of it – and he always made sure he was in front of it. And, while his money gave Precision all the prosperity it ever had, his leadership took a lot of it away. You’re all experiencing a little bit of the “downsizing” that Precision is undergoing for the foreseeable future, right now, in this nice but noticeably cosy building. This change will mark a turning point, for better or worse, in the history of this promotion. But let’s not dwell, because the good ship Precision is now in the more than capable hands of Trent Kingsley, who will lead it with great competence and is also responsible for something I’m very excited about – and it’s happening tonight. I’m facing a new signing to Precision, and his name is Louie Aldo.

*The reaction to Aldo’s name is uncertain and localised, but a fair section of the crowd appear to know of, and like, the newcomer*

Jack: For all those uninitiated, suffice to say that Louie Aldo loves to have a good time, and here he is not alone in that. After all, Phoenix sure loves to have a good time and so do I – after all, it’s a big part of what pro wrestling is all about. None of us would be here if when we first watched wrestling, we weren’t having a good time. And I hope that “Big Lou” is ready to do more than that, that he’s ready to be the best because anyone who wants with all their heart to be the best in the world and is willing to bust their ass to get there, and can prove it, will have my welcome and my respect. Louie has perhaps the best possible chance to prove, tonight, that he has that intention. I’m here to have a good time and enjoy this wonderful career as much as the next guy, but with this championship and a debt of sin to repay to Precision, I am determined to be a gatekeeper to this place. Evil, cowardice, corruption, the things that destroyed Sony Storm, will not get to the top of Precision except over my dead body, just as the only way I will let this title go is if it is pried from my cold, dead hands. And speaking of this…

*Jack lifts his Precision Championship over his head again, bringing the crowd back into his words with a cheer*

Jack: …my next defence of this is already set. Precision’s next pay-per-view is entitled “Duality”, because it is where the duality – that is, the split in two – in Precision will come to an end. It will be Jack Rogue vs Will Neilson to unify the Precision and World Heavyweight Championships. There has been a lot of talk about this match already, and there are a lot of people who have pinned a label on me that throughout my career I’ve hardly ever shaken: “underdog”. Firstly, because this is the Precision Championship and Neilson’s is the World Heavyweight title. His belt is older, better recognised, with a more storied history. This title, meanwhile, should never really have been introduced. It was, at first, nothing but an example of the corruption and nepotism that Blake brought. Yet we, together, have made it worthwhile, we have made it, with pride and standard of competition, a truly prestigious and sought after championship. Holding this and not the World Championship does not make me less than Neilson but… there are other arguments that might. Will Neilson is much less experienced than me, has spent much less time in the big leagues than me, and yet he is a two time World Heavyweight Champion, a former Intercontinental Champion and a former Survival Champion. Meanwhile, I have an Intercontinental Title reign I can’t even be proud of, by virtue of how I got there, and this. My crowning glory, my validation, my pinnacle, and something I will make memorable and significant to more than just me if it kills me to do so.

Jack: Duality is my chance to prove that I am as great a champion as Neilson is, or a greater one. Except, there’s another reason why I’ve been penned as the underdog for that main event. Three weeks back on this very program, he pinned me in the centre of this very ring, clean as a whistle. He’s the only person to do so since the night after UK Rampage, over two months ago. Let’s not forget, we had an epic, half-hour contest that could have gone either way, he got lucky with ring positioning and rope breaks but that was more my fault than his. Ultimately, he did everything right, and on that night he was better. At Duality, I have to be better, lest I sacrifice everything I’ve worked for, not just since Bad Blood where I won this title from Vega, but since my career began. And I will be. I will work tirelessly and relentlessly to be the best I can be, just as I have since I was freed from all my shackles, first Andersen Vega’s, then those of my psychosis, then those of Ivy Hale. Hard work, dedication and resilience have got me to where I am, and it will keep me there. Louie Aldo, and Will Neilson: you had better believe, that I will kick your heads…

*The crowd build loudly, as Jack, smiling, waits, and waits, before roaring into the mic*


*The champion lifts his championship once more, but it is not his music that rings around the arena next, but that of his opponent for Duality: the World Heavyweight Champion, Will Neilson*



The Architect

Interrupting the Precision Champion is the World Heavyweight Champion himself, Will Neilson. Will walks out, championship in hand and a smile on his face, he quickly walks to the ring and eyes down Jack Rogue. Neilson climbs the steel steps to loud cheers from the crowd in attendance, but seemingly not as loud as the cheers they gave for Jack Rogue. Requesting a microphone, Will stands face to face with the man he is set to face at Duality and slowly nods his head, he looks down at his a World Heavyweight Championship, and then Rogue's Precision Championship.

"This is a new era of Precision, and we both know that we are the ones currently leading it. However, after Duality there will only be one. Like you said, a gatekeeper of this place, the person to watch over the rest and keep evil out. I plan to win at Duality, so I will be the one leading Precision into the future, if there's anyone that has been an underdog then it is me. From when I walked into the place, no one thought I could do it... and it's the same for you. We proved the doubters wrong, we ascended to the top of the mountain together, but now there is a new height to reach. The peak of Saturday Night Precision, and it holds these two titles."

Jack looks over at his Precision Championship and then at Will's World Heavyweight Championship, knowing what is at stake at Duality.

"I've already proved that I can beat you, I pinned you in the middle of the ring back in Tokyo and yeah... those ropes saved me, but the matter of the fact is that I have the advantage so far. People like Andersen Vega and Buster Gates... they were the old leaders of Precision, and now the leaders of Precision are the two men in the ring. A showdown between us seemed inevitable back then, but as we proved in Tokyo... me and you can hang with each other, we bring out the best in each other, we can do it again at Duality."

"When you mention prestige, you damn right better mention this belt. It's gone through many, many holders... some were good, and some were bad. They become one at Duality, and the prestige from this belt along with the opportunities that the Precision Championship has given to people like you, they merge together. We both have matches tonight, and I know for a fact that Antonio Stark will not be walking out with his hand held high. He is someone of false promises, and someone who both you and I can agree, won't be challenging for this title any time soon with the way he is going.

The crowd cheer loudly again for the two champions, chants of 'Let's Go Neilson' and 'Let's Go Rogue' seem almost identical in the noise they make, as Jack keeps his focus on Will in the ring, but can't help but smile at the chants being made by the crowd.

"I have no doubt that this match at Duality is going to be a good one, but the person walking out with both titles? That's going to be me. You talk about hard work, dedication, resilience... and I respect you for what you've done for this company, and how you've always kept behind it. However, I will not lose something that I have worked my ass of for, and I will not go down unless I am lying in a puddle of my own blood!"

"Finally... Jack, one more message from me to you. When Duality rolls around...

"You better believe that I will kick your head..."

Jack slightly laughs, as he and the crowd knows what is coming. Neilson uses Jack's Precision Championship, which is resting on his shoulder, as a sort of drum roll. He then roars into the mic just like Jack did previously...


Will laughs to himself as the crowd are still cheering the two men in the ring. 'His World' plays over the arena and Will goes to leave, but is stopped by Rogue. Jack has a smile on his face as he holds out his hand towards Neilson. Will accepts the gesture, and the two shake hands. The World Heavyweight Champion leaves the ring, title in hand, as Jack raises his Precision Championship up high to loud cheers from the crowd as the camera fades to a commercial break.

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