Over The Limit

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  1. I'm really looking forward to WWE Over The Limit. How about you guys? Anyway, the match that I am anticipating the most of all of them is the one between John Laurinaitis and John Cena. I'm rooting for John Cena. To get to the point, thumbs up if you guys think the match between them should be an I QUIT MATCH and that Triple H should be the special guest referee!
  2. This guy must be trolling :emoji_stuck_out_tongue:
  3. This ain't Youtube..
  4. Moved it to the right section for you mate :emoji_slight_smile:
  5. OTL will be OK, I guess.
  6. The show itself reminds me of Vengeance, which may have been one of the top-3 PPV's last year but nobody remembers it.
  7. Not sure why they scrapped Vengeance but kept this shitty PPV.
  8. I'm also wondering how is Over the Limit still around. They scrapped lots of historical PPVs due to low buyrates, OTL gets horrible buyrates every year (and it won't be different this time around, the build up has been horrible) and is on the PPV calendary for the fourth consecutive year for no apparent reason.

    Vengeance was awesome last year though. Mark Henry broke the ring with that fat ass Big Show, I was shocked.
  9. Vengeance was awesome! ADR actually beating Cena was one of the 5 best moments in WWE last year.

    The card looks pretty good, but it feels like they are building so we won't buy the PPV... which Vince probably thinks is the right thing for business. And with it being the one-year anniversary of the Miz burial, just seeing the name "Over the Limit" makes me want to vomit. There aren't words strong enough to describe that I Quit match.
  10. That was despicable that match.

    What PPV is after OTL? No way out right? Then MITB?
  11. Yes, correct. And that I Quit match... that was a crime.
  12. No way out will suck. MITB will be pretty good I think. Summerslam, depending on the summer story-line could suck or be epic.
  13. Have no expectations for Summerslam whatsoever, that PPV always sucks.
    It's usually just a bunch of random, pointless matches with no build, building up to the summer storyline getting killed off before it should die.
  14. The main reason I hate Summerslam is because it's such a face-heavy PPV for results. It's the place where the faces overcome their heel counter parts. Does my head in as a fan of heels.
  15. So it's just like Raw, Smackdown, and every other PPV?
  16. It all depends on the Summer storyline and when it'll begin, I'll just sit back and watch until then.
  17. If Barrett is the MITB winner and in the ME then HELL YER I'm watching SS.
  18. If MITB is in July I might go watch it.