Over using moves?

Discussion in 'International Wrestling' started by Stopspot, Mar 30, 2013.

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    I'm looking at you two guys.

    One thing that mainstream wrestling does better than independent wrestling a lot of the time is protecting moves. If a move is accredited/connected to a certain wrestler it is primarily used by that guy and its effect is protected. Case in point HBK's superkick. Shawn has been retired for a couple of years now and no other wrestler in mainstream wrestling is using it (Ziggler teased it but it hasn't been seen since TLC).

    On the independent scene this is far from the case. Remember a couple of years ago when every match included suicide dives out of the ring? Some match even started with them (thanks to seabs for pointing this out). Or an example that has been around for a while. The Young bucks hitting superkicks like they were going out of style. The Bucks are trained by Jannetty so them using the kick is logical. But then it should be only used as a finisher. Instead they throw them out in the middle of the match and often like 9 at a time and their opponents still get up. This over saturates the move and devalues it.
    Onto the topic of the thread:

    Should moves be more protected on the independent scene?

    What is your opinion on the over saturation of moves on the indy scene?
  2. I hate oversaturation, the super kick is worthless now thanks to the Bucks, it should be an exciting spot instead it tends to be meh. I'm down for more protection of certain moves, it helps improve match psychology and stops the need for constant pushing of the envelope. Why I tend to love seeing Kobashi wrestle for instance is knowing if he even went for a burning hammer his opponent was a serious threat. I'm not saying don't hit the multiple kicks spot they do so well (the shot to the knees then the face for instance but just leave it at that, don't throw more in)
  3. Yes, and finishers should really be game enders.
  4. I've watched a few Japanese matches and they seem to complete overuse piledrivers. They were getting used a couple of times a match to the point where they were worthless.
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  5. Totally agree finishers should be just that. Even WWE is guilty at times of having ridiculous kick outs of finishing moves. Sometimes its fine but Cena has a habit of kicking out of a few at times.
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