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  1. What films do other people go crazy for but you just do not see what the fuss is about?

    A couple of examples for me is Pineapple Express and Anchorman.

    Pineapple started off alright but ran out of steam, would of preferred it without the on the run element

    Anchorman just had one or two laughs for me, felt it was stupid
  2. American Sniper

    I watched it and after it was over I didn't understand why everyone was saying it should be nominated for Best Picture or Cooper for Best Actor. It was a slightly above average war film.. that's about it. Lone Survivor was a lot better in my opinion and had better performances.

    (This is my 6000th post!)
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  3. My Little Pony: The Movie

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  4. Wolf of Wallstreet

    it was aight, but some people think it is like GOAT. my roommates watched it all the time when it came out
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  5. Shutter Island from about 4-5 years back. I love Scorsese, but I remember not really caring as much for this one like others did.
  6. Pulp Fiction, it's good but it's not the best movie ever as I've heard stated numerous times.
  7. Was about to post this one myself.. it got raved about HARD where I'm at.
  8. I find most of Quentin Tarantino's movies to be over hyped and rated. With a few exceptions of course.
  9. Let's be serious here.... Frozen.
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  10. As a pretty avid animation viewer I can agree with this.. on an underrated animated movie I would throw 'Turbo' in there all day.. Turbo is an awesome story with a great voice cast!
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  11. I can dig it, which ones do you dislike? I can say there's a few I dislike and I'm curious which ones you didn't enjoy.
  12. Don't get me started.
  13. Everything is overrated in your world, shithead.
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  14. Your mother is fine, though. Wouldn't call her overrated.
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  15. C'mon son, we all know you couldn't hit the broad side of a 12 lb pussy.
  16. A lot of comedies in recent years. Pineapple Express, Wolf of Wallstreet and others that weren't mentioned but are to meh for me.
  17. The Dark Knight trilogy is solid, but highly overrated.
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  18. Godzilla the 2014 one was pretty overrated in my book.. a lot of people I hang with got boners for it but I didn't care for it..
  19. Wouldn't say I didn't enjoy them, just don't see all the hype.
    Pulp Fiction is one. Kill Bill (all) and Inglourious Basterds are others.

    I enjoyed Django Unchained as well, but I think the last 45 minutes were weak. Still a great film though
  20. Jackie Brown is Tarantino's last good movie. He's a bug-eyed cum stain hack anyway.
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