WrestleMania Overrated WrestleMania moment?

Discussion in 'PPV's & Specials' started by PSachkovsky, Apr 1, 2013.

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  1. What's your most overrated WrestleMania moment?

    Honestly I'm probably going to get crapped on for this but mine has always been Hogan slamming Andre. It had been done before by numerous people. Either that or Austin's heel turn at WM17. It pretty much sent him downhill in his career.
  2. If it counts, Mayweather knocking out Big Show. WWE has always presented this as a huge deal, but I don't know any wrestling fan who believes it.

    The whole idea was to hope the returning giant gets a beat down from the little bitty pro boxer, but Mayweather's a d-bag I'd love to see get knocked silly (and hope it happens one day), whereas Big Show's well known as one of the nicest guys in the WWE locker room. So the face/heel alignment was really reversed.

    Plus it's not like most wrestling fans (or anyone else) care about boxing. They didn't with the Brawl for All and they don't now.
  3. Austin had possibly his most entertaining year in 2001, how did the heel turn send him down hill? He wasn't the draw he was in the late 90s sure but that had already happened before that.

    Hogan slamming Andre is overrated IMO, mainly cos I've seen Hansen do it years before. Still a magic moment as the crowd rises with the slam.
  4. This is it. I also don't believe it. I like Floyd "money" Mayweather but boxing...
  5. Rock/Cena 2
  6. People are rating this pile of turd?
  7. Hogan slamming Andre
  8. Lmao.
  9. How are you supposed to rate that?
  10. Its a joke as i couldnt care less about it.
  11. Yeah
  12. Rock/Cena 1 being the greatest of all time or some shit they claim about it.

    Vince/trump being the best selling mania of all time. Not much else on this show so I dunno how it got the highest ppv box office of all time for WWE.
  13. Trump draws.
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  14. Hehe Trump :cole:
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