OVW makes TV deal with ION

Discussion in 'International Wrestling' started by GrammarNazi82, Mar 20, 2013.

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  1. (Since the TNA subforum states it is for iMPACT and PPVs I thought this would best be suited here. If not, feel free to move it to TNA section. Thanks.)

    OVW also announced this on its Facebook page an hour ago, simply stating:
    Do you think this will further help TNA as it continues its shows on the road? Are there any other ways you see this being positive or negative for OVW and/or TNA?
  2. 12 at noon on a local network? It will help them but not by much.
  3. True. The only redeeming quality I could see there is that it's on Saturdays when most people wouldn't be working, and/or for people like myself who would DVR it. Still, it claims this will put OVW in more than 1 million homes, plus the satellite providers that carry the same ION affiliate. I'm hoping it will help some, if nothing else than getting the name and product out there, but time will tell.
  4. Sad things is local channels aren't viewed much for anything other than news. They are mostly just filler on you channel list. ROH has been working on channels like this since moving from HDNET to Sinclair and haven't seen that big an expansion as a brand. And ROH and TNA are just about equals as companies with brand value.
  5. WWF Superstars used to air at noon on Satudays when I was a kid. That's how I fell in love with wrestling. Don't underestimate the time slot.
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  6. Does this ION network has some WWE show on it?

    Anyway, decent news.
  7. I think this is like a affiliate or something. Like a local channel piggybacking on Ion. Like how the CW has a couple of channels under its flag without being CW channels.
  8. @Testify -- What Stop said. This is for an ION affiliate. However, to also answer your question, yes, ION network currently airs WWE Main Event.
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  9. I've seen some OVW stuff when seeing what TNA talent was doing in developmental.. honestly they have a decent product from what I watched.
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  10. True dat.

    Crimson in OVW = instant better look on TV.
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