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Discussion in 'General WWE' started by TheItalianCrippler, Feb 12, 2018.

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    • I know this is an annoying questione, so, let's quest.
    • Are there people who still have Owen Hart's fall video? I guessed that it can be find on deep web or places like that.
  1. It was wiped off the internet. Only one source was posted on YouTube years ago and within 3 days, no one could find it again. They paid to have it wiped I am sure. You can find the promo he did before and then JR talking after, but no falling footage.
  2. Would anyone really want to see it anyways?

    WWE has it in their library and that's it... Dark web might have it but i doubt it.
  3. You would not need the dark web to put it up. There is worse to be found on the normal web. IDK if I would watch it, I did see the guy Rey Mysterio killed in ring so it doesn't really gross me out.
  4. There is really no hard evidence that a video of the fall, other than the one owned by the WWE every really existed. Think about it, this was in 1999. People didn't have phones that could record video. WWE, at the events I went to, did not allow video cameras into their events. I checked on the stub of my King of the Ring 1996 ticket to confirm this. So anyone who had a video would have had to sneak a video camera in, which was VERY unlikely.

    I've heard this and I think this story confirms that it never existed. If it existed, whoever had it would still have a copy of it. There are many places they can upload it. If they wanted it to be shown, it would be available.

    Now, there are copies of the Over the Edge 1999 PPV that are uncut but the actual fall was never shown on the actual live show. They were showing a promo when the harness broke and the camera never showed the ring. If I remember the actual video, there may have been blood on the mat and that was one of the criticisms of them continuing the PPV in addition to the main one that Owen had passed away.

    I have a copy of the uncut Over the Edge, recorded directly from the live PPV. However, I would never let anyone watch it and I won't watch it again myself. Anyone who wants to watch it needs to reevaluate their reasons why. Curiosity is one thing, but having respect for a man who died in a stupid, senseless accident and who loved his career, loved wrestling and left his family behind is another.
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  5. I'm not sure why anyone would want to see a man falling to his death. I guess maybe some people can tolerate that kind of thing, I can't.
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  6. Agreed. I look at it this way, I watched the PPV and recorded it when it happened... so I had no idea what was going to happen when i watched it. I have never watched the PPV again and it didn't show anything! I haven't destroyed the tape because, in a way, it makes me feel bad to even consider doing that. Like, I can't watch it or destroy it.

    Anyone who wants to see him die... I mean... it's incomprehensible to me. There actually some picture of him in free fall on the net from people who were trying to shoot pictures when they saw him in the harness. But they're not video stills, just camera shots and the people who posted them online need their asses kicked.
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  7. I think my brother was watching this when it happened at his friends so as a kid, he witnessed a man die. I don't think a lot of people watching it when it happened realized how real it was until after which in a sense is good for kid fans but still. I can't imagine being there seeing it live. I saw a dog get hit by a car once and it took the air out my lungs. This was a human being. I get being curious but you know the end result, so why watch it?

    I watched the bit where Eddie had that heart attack in the ring and that really messed me up, he didn't even die. I just don't like seeing people suffer in real life. It is one thing if it is scripted in a move or something. Even certain scripted stuff makes me feel horrible. Car accidents are a big one for me.
  8. Sid breaking his leg was scary enough.
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  9. I don't think I seen that but I will take your word for it. Sometimes I will see things like this happen and then block it out forgetting I ever saw it.
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  10. Kids are usually fairly resilient though. I saw an old lady go under the wheels of a van a few years ago. Its bad but its over quick. Lost mah cat to renal failure that was awful watching that happen and cancer is wrecking my mother atm that is the worst thing to see.

    Of course you don't go out of your way to see stuff like that but there are unedited news clips online of warzones. If its a photo or on TV/PC I think it seems less real and you uusally do not know the people.
  11. I suppose so in some cases. A picture and a video are two different things for me though. I worked at an animal clinic and was fine for all the surgeries and everything but the second a person brought in a pet to be put down, I could not see it alive before hand or it would hurt. Maybe I am just sensitive on topics of life and death.
  12. If that happened in 1999, that would've made me.... 8yrs old. I remember hearing about it. I admit, A Few weeks ago I tried to see if I could find any video of any kind, but to no avail. Not that I wanted to watch it, It was more of "I wonder if there are video's on this or Not". Im glad there aren't video's. The guy deserves to be remembered for what he did. Not because of some freak accident that had occured. No, Just remember him when he was alive.
  13. Wasn't there a woman, Awesome Kong I THINK, That broke her leg once? I remember seeing a Video, and It didn't look pretty at all. Even made me cringe.
    And that video about that guy that @Jacob Fox Was talking bout that snapped his leg... I remember that. I cringed so bad seeing that. Yikes!
    THAT ladies and Gentlmen, is why They have that warning that says "Do NOT try this at home"
  14. IDK how i works overseas but I was around 10 years old when I started reading about WW2. The school had a book with survivors of Nagasaki and Hiroshima in it with photos. I was 13/14 when in history we saw video on the concentration camps so I suppose I got used to it long before the internet came along.

    Everyone handles things like that differently. I read alot of history books on war or see the unedited stuff online in the Middle East. Blood IRL I do not like, on a screen its not to bad (in limited amounts).