Owen Hart's Widow Turns Down WWE Offer

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  2. I think he deserves to be in the HOF, but don't expect Martha to have any part of it. I don't know if you need someone's estate to approve an honour like that. If not, I'm sure Bret would have no problem inducting him, whether Martha wants it or not.
  3. Owen deserves to be in because he was awesome, not because WWE is trying to get his widow off their dick.

    Also lmao @ big Boss man being considered HOF worthy. Wake me up when Savage gets in ffs
  4. Apparently Savage's brother rejects WWE letting Savage in, as apparently it was Savage's last wish that the whole family gets inducted together instead of just Randy, and WWE aren't currently wanting to do that.

    That was a report I read anyway.
  5. the whole family? I had no idea anyone else in his family was even involved in the business
  6. For one I agree with Zigger! Wake me up when Randy Savage is in the HOF!
  7. His father who was in the WCW HOF and brother. His brother is one who is saying this but his brother was not that big like Randy Savage was! Which lead me to belive that he BS! To get himself in the WWE HOF!
  8. Leaping Lanny will be on you as soon as he reads that post.


    Angelo Poffo(their dad) was also a wrestler many moons ago.
  9. Lanny sounds like a jobber, but his Dad sounds legit. Never knew he was in the business.
  10. I know this will be a dick move but can that just put Owen in the WWE HOF anyway and have Bret inducted him?I mean if this was a sports HOF u were etecled in from the HOF voter and even u die or were kill or something like that u still were put in and if the guy that did not want to inducted u then that just got someone esle to. I mean WWE I don't think care about this b/c on this last Raw that have Ryback aka Goldberg RIP OFF said Owen catch phase!So I really don't think WWE is afect of Martha and her lawsit or that would not have has Ryback aka Goldberg RIP OFF said that on TV! I said just have Bret inducted him I KNOW HE WILL!
  11. his dad was in the WCW HOF. If that even count now??????? Since there is no WCW anymore??????? :vince: :upset:
  12. Bob Backlund huh. Finally. :obama:

    Now this worthless HoF will get a bit more credible.
  13. It has a wiki page by god it is still real to me dammit
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  14. Who even cares? Owen's widow is a bitch (not even Bret likes her), and the HOF is a joke anyway. The Hall Of Fame should be saved for the best of the best - Michael Jordan, Wayne Gretsky, Muhammad Ali, Babe Ruth, Mike Tyson, etc. - and the WWE puts just about everybody in there anyway. (And to be honest, if it were me, I wouldn't induct Owen. He was talented and had a good career, but not one special enough to really be considered HOF worthy. But then, I wouldn't have put more than half of the people that's in there now.)
  15. He's better than Drew Carey, Pete Rose, and Koko B Ware
  16. Bob Backlund DAMN!? I though he was in already? No B.Samtimo, Bob Backlund? :emoji_grin:amn: Does Vince not like Vince SR. WWWF Champion?
  17. I think Sammartino had some issues with Vince Jr., as he keeps refusing being inducted into the HoF because he doesn't like the path wrestling has taken. Backlund I have no idea why he's not there, I heard some rumors that he wanted one more run so he refused the induction but I don't think that's legit.
  18. Of all the reasons to hate on the WWE HOF the celebrity thing is the weakest. It's not like anyone considers them to be legitimate HOF'rs, and the celeb portion of the HOF is a separate entity. It's a publicity stunt by WWE, nothing more.

    The WWE HOF has made plenty of awful inductions and has dozens of head scratching snubs, no need to harp on the celebrity thing anymore than the average mark already does.
  19. I understand that, I have no problem with the celebrity wing if they have contributed to wrestling. Cindi Lauper, for example, love her or hate her, brought a fuck ton of publicity and main stream attention to the WWF. The two I mentioned really didn't do anything. I also threw in Koko, he had what, maybe a couple of tag team championship reigns? Owen held numerous belts, and was in one of the main events at a WM.
  20. Celebrity should NOT be in the WWE HOF! The only one I would think putting in would be the guy that they put in last year Mike Tyson just b/c he help in way get Stone Cold over with the feud going into WM14 with HBK and also help get WWE over WCW alltoly.